Monday, January 30, 2012

weekend widow

friday morning dennis jetted off to banff with his curling team for some doodlespiel tournament or something like that, which is really just code for a bunch of geophysicists schmoozing each other by day, and getting heavily intoxicated by night. apparently those geoscientists really know how to party.

so while den was off on this wild weekend, i was home, all alone.

at first i was really dreading him being gone. i felt a little something like this.

but when i stopped, and thought back to all those other weeks that we have spent time apart from each other, 2 days didn't really seem all that bad. and then i started thinking about all the things i could get done with him gone. for instance, i had just recently run out of the face moisturizer that i have been using for years, which also as luck would have it, has been discontinued. am i really old enough that something i use has been discontinued? running out of something that you have used from the dawn of time is actually quite a crisis (picture lisa kudrow's character in p.s. i love you, when her nail polish falls in the water). i had no idea where to begin, so since it was a fairly slow day at work i decided to hit up google, and do some research to solve my latest road block in life. i had only a few things that i was looking for in a moisturizer 1. if it was over $20 all it was getting from me was a under the breath laugh, and a big ole' judgement 2. it had to be more then a 150 ml container and 3. preferably recommended to use with a combination skin type.

and so i made a list of a few brands that fell into those three categories

then after work i drove up to superstore, list and all, to narrow down that list to just one bottle. it was a good thing that dennis wasn't with me for this, because there was no way he would have been able to stand by as i made my decision. 

i even spent some time in the joe department with out the following conversation taking place

d: are you going to buy something?
me: no
d: then why are we here?
me: cuz
d: that doesn't make sense
me: ya it does

oh joe, how i have missed you

i even got myself a little treat that normally i don't allow in the house, due to the fact that someone is lactose intolerant, even though this someone is in total denial. 


 i didn't even use a bowl

  i didn't realize until saturday morning how much body heat dennis generated. i haven't been that cold in a while, but i haven't been able to stretch out that much in a while either. 

and then the rest of the day...

but i sure am happy to have him back

and the goofy, random pictures he sends me

 oh and i ended up getting cetaphil face lotion. in case you were wondering.


  1. Just have to say, that ice cream looks amazing. :) Just found your blog and it's super entertaining! Going to follow now!

    lace, etc.

    1. thanks! you want to know something totally weird? i was just looking at your blog yesterday, and when i saw your same i couldn't figure out where i knew it from, but now i know! strange little world we live in.

  2. i have never heard of that ice cream. my family would love it because we are big bubble gum people. glad your husband is home. i hate when mine leaves too.

    1. i am such a little kid when it comes to ice cream. cotton candy and bubble gum for me!