Saturday, February 4, 2012

i shot the sheriff...

please que the eric clapton playing in the background now...

hands down, one of my favorite games is a little card game called bang. now remember when i said i'm not allowed to try and explain games? well i think this game is where it all started. ever since i was first introduced to it down at byui i was hooked, my roommate alica and i spent many a sunday night over at her sister and brother-in-law's playing this game, that and catan, but mostly bang. the unfortunate thing is that you either love this game or hate it, and as luck would have it my whole family turned out to be the side of those that hate it. awesome. but the other lucky thing is that dennis is a huge game person, he took to it with as much enthusiasm as i did, and also now loves it just as much as i do (just one of the many reasons he is so perfect for me). 

and so last night my younger sister cassie and her boyfriend bryce came up for dinner, and then some game playin', so of course we suggested bang and they agreed! oh happy day! we had such a fun time playing with them, getting to know bryce, and them as a couple. 

check out cass's sweet vest. doesn't it just scream beetlejuice. beetlejuice beetlejuice!

if you're ever interested in playing with us we are always looking for new people to beat. 

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  1. Pick us!! We love games. I think that we should be friends!