Tuesday, January 15, 2013

things i miss

big hello to 33 weeks pregnant.


           ... 231 days
           ... 5544 hours
           ... approximately 332640 minutes, you know, give or take

but who's counting right?

(big thanks to google converter for helping me out there)

and you know what? there are a whole lot of things that i am finding my self daydreaming about, and looking forward to once this kid is out of my belly.

oh and while we are on the subject of belly, check this out...

helloooooooo big round belly

so yes, i have hit that stage of pregnancy. the one where even if you have had close to the easiest pregnancy ever, you still covet everything about your life/body before there was a tiny little human inside of you that insists your rib cage is only there to be his own personal xylophone. 

i know, who knew?

and the little sucker is even showing some attitude! not only will he no longer budge when i try to push him down, and cut off all the xylophone playing time he is currently enjoying, he has actually started to kick back out at me. what a little stinker he is! 

although, i have no one else to blame but myself for the lovely stubborn gene that is kicking back out at me. 

now i do love the fact that i can feel (and see) him moving, and feel his tiny little hiccups multiple times a day, but there needs to be some kind of off switch when 2:30 am rolls around and it's like richard simmons decided to hop on in there and get his groove on. 

so needless to say sleep is topping my list of things i miss lately. 

you know, i can handle the odd strangers hand on my belly, even the odd horror labor story, but when every man, women, and child is telling me that i better "get all the sleep i can now", it really strikes a nerve with me. i know they mean well, but you know what? telling a 7 and a half month pregnant lady to get sleep is like telling the titanic not to sink, after it hit the iceberg. it just ain't happenin'. 

and i am fully aware that once he is born it won't get any better, and possibly only worse. it's just that the time for that little tid bit of inspiration to be of any use has already gone rip roaring right on past. the people who need to be told to get lots of sleep now are those between the ages of 13-17/18, or rather kids in middle/high school. because you know what once you graduate high school you go off the college, and that's nothing but late nights, of studying (...obviously...) then long days of school, homework, and more studying... (right?) or if you decide to go into the work force, guess what? you actually have to get up earlier then you did when you were in school. you will notice that i am not acknowledging the (insert a more appropriate word then i would use) of the world who decided to do nothing with their lives and deposit a welfare cheque into their bank account that was withdrawn from my pay cheque, but that's a whole other subject. 

anyway, sleep. 

it isn't happening, isn't going to happen, so just stop it.

another thing that has become distant memory? 

bending over. 

it has now become this awkward wide leg sumo wrestler stance, leaning to the side thing. go ahead and just picture it, it's real fun. 

it's such a shame too because it has been perfect weather for cute boot wearing, and when you can't actually put on said cute boots, well... life just gets a little gloomy. 

but on the bright side of this gloom, there is this thing called a husband, and you know what he is great for? aside from a good by stander to laugh at the awesome sumo stance, he can put the boots on! 

but sometimes early morning classes get in the way (see the whole no sleeping thing coming into play here) and he can't be there to help me get dressed. so my already limited wardrobe options becomes even smaller. 

he may also have to put my socks on me for me, and that many effect certain outfits that i can or can't wear. 

and lastly, remember about a year ago when i wrote about my favorite pair of jeans? well those jeans have become the object of my deepest desire. i miss them, and my body that could fit into them so perfectly. they have long been packed away, and if i could, i would dig them out of the garbage bag at the back of my storage closet under the stairs, and just stare at them. but for now all i have to cling to is the memory of wearing them, and look forward to the day i can slip the perfectly worn in soft denim on once again. 

only about...

                      ...7 weeks/ 49 days/1176 hours/70560 minutes to go



  1. Don't worry sweety, that lack of sleep prepares you for the lack of sleep that will come for the next few years. I was just starting to be able to sleep again when I thought that I was smart and had another one...three years ago. With that lack of sleep come pregnant brain/after baby brain where you can no longer remember anything even if you did write it down!
    As for the not being able to bend over....husbands are also good at painting toenails...but you can't really tell because your feet are soooooo far away! Lol. I does get better, it is just hard to see right now. If you need anything...advice/baby stuff...just let me know! Love ya kid! I love your baby belly, it looks good on you!
    Diane <3

  2. Chelsea, this made me laugh,, thanks for sharing. the next 7 weeks is going to ... I was going to say fly by, but anticipating something seems to make time slow. And now I quote a country song,
    "Your gonna miss this,
    your gonna want this back
    Your gonna wish these days
    Hadn't gone by so fast"
    ... but maybe not.
    I am excited for you and Dennis!

  3. Oh Chelsea, you made me laugh so hard because I was just there 8-9 months ago and know what your going through, it's sad when the only shoes you can wear to church are flip flops because your feet can't fit into your cute shoes! That happened to me my last 3 weeks. I also know what you mean about the lack of sleep because between her partying all night long and my hips hurting and having to pee I think I only slept for 2 hours a night so when she was born it was awesome to actually get more sleep than I was used to! Just remember to enjoy the time even though that seems weird to say but really after the baby is born there are times you miss them being in your tummy!