Thursday, August 29, 2013

What the crap did I just watch

does anyone else wonder what happened to tlc?

the tv network

not the girl band

well, i do.

yesterday, i spent the day down at my parents.

while willem was napping, i decided to flip on the tv, and check out what telus has to offer lately. i was scrolling through and came upon tlc

 i thought "perfect!"

i used to loooooove tlc.

saturday mornings growing up cassie would want to watch cartoons, andrew's choice was fishing, but mine was aaaaaaaalways tlc.

sure you had to wait through a few episodes of a baby story, and a makeover story, which was tolerable.

but then!

then came the good stuff

trading spaces!

                    ... oh paige davis...

clean sweep!

moving up!


                  ... my dad would even watch this one with me...

and then to top them all off

what not to wear!

                             ... i very seriously considered dressing like a hobo for as long as i needed to, to get on that show...

now that was good tv

but you know what the line up was yesterday?

crap, mostly

but to be more specific, i wasted 2 hours of my life watching this train wreck of a television show called "cheer perfection" it was aaaaaaawful!

it's about this tweeny bopper age cheerleading team.

actually, that's not right.

it's about their under fulfilled, over bearing, "once upon a time i competed in beauty pageants",  "i live vicariously through my 11 year old daughter", crazy mommas.

it was the most ridiculous thing i have ever watched.

i hated myself for every second i couldn't peel my eyes away from that mess.

now, there are still a few good shows on the network.


cake boss (atleast, i think that's still on..)

say yes to the dress (makes me want to get married all over again every time i watch that show)

um.... yup that's about all i can think of

it honestly breaks my heart to see what has happened to tv, and makes me so happy that dennis and i never really watched it, and now that we have moved, don't even have cable anymore.

when i used to watch the old tlc shows i really felt like i learned something, and even gave me some valuable life skills.

trading spaces taught all the different things that could be done with just a little imagination, paint, and a really good carpenter in your back yard to just whip up what ever the heck you wanted at a moments notice.

they also gave the world ty pennington, who has since moved on to bigger and better things.

and this kind of thinking...

hey, it's called extreme 

clean sweep was probably the most informative of them all. purge, donate, keep.... purge, donate, keep... purge, donate, keep....

very valuable life lesson

and what not to wear? i mean, what couldn't you learn from watching that show.

the others were more entertainment, but still had very good content.

but now our only choices are reality momma dramma messes like what i watched. or shows like toddlers and tiaras. honey bobo something. i saw a commercial for a show called breaking amish? what the what?

i even caught a few minutes of one called extreme cougar wives.

there really are no words.

none whatsoever.

i went home last night feeling sad.

sad that the shows i used to watch and love, just don't seem to exist anymore.

sad that this is what my children are going to be subjected to as they grow up in this world

sad that paige davis isn't apart of my life anymore

sad this is what passes as good tv now.

but mostly sad that sherlock isn't going to be on netflix for like what?

forever pretty much

if you haven't watched sherlock, go on netflix RIGHT NOW and watch it.

if you don't have netflix, just borrow your parents password like we do and GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW

so there is good tv out there

just not on the northern american continent

oh and tlc? you should know that i am never ever watching you again. like ever

(read as if you're taylor swift, it makes it so much better)

Friday, August 16, 2013

the great diaper debate

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ok, so it may not actually be that great.

and, it may not ever really be a debate.

but i know that the for the amount of time i spend in the diaper aisle, staring at all that red and green, there really should be one.

but since there hasn't, and probably won't be one, i decided to conduct a little experiment of my own.

but first, the back story:

when Willem was born i used pampers. that's what anyone i knew used on their babies, heck that's even what the hospital uses.

so why not?

that's also what i got as gifts from everyone, so i didn't even have to consider any alternative.

it went well i guess, he never had any blowout in them (and to this day has never really had what i would call a "blowout", just more of a leaking). he did develop a diaper rash around 2 weeks, which took a lot of diaper cream and time to clear up.

then, as i came to the end of my pampers stock, i had some loose huggies that dennis' cousin and his wife gave to us.

you guys, i loved them!

they were so much softer then the crunchy paper like material of pampers, they were contoured, which got rid of those red lines the pampers elastic left on the insides of his legs. and they absorbed soooo much better.

we have even been completely diaper rash free.

ever since that is what i have used.

ok, now jump forward to last week. as i was mulling through the baby aisle at superstore i saw that the little 36 pack of pampers was on sale.

now i don't know about you, but every now and then i like to try things out that i have written off, just to reaffirm my detest for them (like olives bleh!), or find that as i have grown up, so have my taste buds and now enjoy things that used to make me cringe at the thought of them (bananas!)

well this is what went through my mind, so i grabbed a bag, and the experiment started.

and the conclusion?

pampers suck the big one!

i feel like i am changing his diaper twice as often as with huggies, and with a kid whose plumbing works as efficiently as mine does, that's a lot. he even gets fussy when he has been in it more then a second after he wet it. never did that with huggies.

please don't think i never change his diaper. i do. a lot. but you can't always get to it right away, you know?

oh and that diaper rash, yup it's back. and in my books, it's not just a coincidence.

i still cringe a bit when i see those red lines on his legs. i mean, imagine how you would feel if your  underwear cut into your legs like that. ya, that's what i thought.

i know that so many people prefer pampers, but honestly i don't get it.

before he was born i read up on the differences, and everything i read said pampers is the way to go.

i even did some double checking tonight, and yup, the moms of america still hate the huggies.

one lady even said, and i quote "i don't know why they are even on the market!"

because they are better! that's why lady.

but that's just me.

could this maybe be why they are on sale more often then pampers?...

oh well, more for me!

thankfully, we used up our last little crunchy diaper, and i couldn't have been happier when he peed in it about 5 minutes later.

good riddance, pampers.

i will never invest money in you again.

i am a huggies lover until the last diaper change.

Friday, August 9, 2013

the one thing

i really have been so blessed with willem. he is a complete angel, and a dream of a baby.

but no baby is 100% perfect right?


you see, we have this little issue. it's more of a laundry issue then anything else, but somedays it drives me a little bonkers.

so, spit up.

it's bad

and by bad, i mean a lot.

it's crazy somedays

when people ask how he is as a baby, i say how wonderful he is, and follow up with "but spits up like you wouldn't believe".

and of course i always get the reply of "well all babies do, that's why they wear bibs".

yeah yeah, i know i know, all babies spit up, it's just what they do. blah blah blah.

but seriously, it's to the extreme with my kid.

it's been confirmed to me many times by the many witnesses to his projectile explosions.

and it can't be explained away by the fact that he is formula fed, even when i was breastfeeding he was quite explosive.

so, here are a few things that i have learned when it comes to dealing with an up-chucky baby.

when burping the baby, it is best to relocate yourself, and him, to a floor that is hard, and will not allow for liquids to soak in. this makes it much easier to clean up. and gives you a reason to give the floor a good scrub. 

after the feeding is done, and you think all the burps are out, tummy time is still a bit of a gamble. there is still a large risk of a burp, spit up, and face plant. followed but extensive clean up, it gets in the mouth, up the nose, squished into the eyebrows. and if you're really lucky and miss when it happens, there also might be some rubbing around in it, and then it also finds it's way into the ears. overall, it's a real good time. 

and sometimes, even three hours after he is done eating, if you're really lucky there might be a little surprise left in there yet! "little" is really just a figure of speech in this case. 

so wear durable clothes that can handle being washed over, and over, and over again. 

keep stocked up on laundry detergent.

always have multiple receiving blankets around that now double as burp cloths 
(i like to call them drop cloths)

keep many changes of shirts at the changing table, and never put the one you actually want him to wear on him first, that one always get ruined. 

but mostly, i've learned there's just nothing you can do about it. 

so just love, hold, and sqeeze (but not too hard because that also results in up-chucking) that little guy, and know one day you won't have to change your clothes, and his, multiple times a day. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

when it has almost been a month and you can't think of anything else better to do....

you post pictures!

it's ok though, because my kid is way cute

costco totally jipped me! i was shorted an egg. should i now feel justified opening the package at the store to make sure i get all the eggs that they are charging me for?