Monday, October 31, 2011

i've been....

day dreaming of being here

and taking long walks down this beach

to say that i am excited to leave on saturday at 8:20 am, is totally an understatement
i am almost jumping out of my skin

i have spend the majority of my day (not working) looking at the resort's website
just kidding about the not working thing, i have been swamped almost all day, i just take mental holidays every now and then.

4 days!

now i just need to pack.....

Monday, October 24, 2011

little things that make a big difference

today something wonderful happened.
we got a new dishwasher.
see, isn't that wonderful?
well it is to us, and by us i mean me.

just take a look at this thing of beauty

i'm in love

it even has that "new appliance smell", it's kind of like the new car smell, but since we dont have one of those, yet, this one is better.

after it was installed, i started thinking how lucky we are to have one. how easy this one appliance makes our life, and to be honest how much it helps keep our little kitchen clean.
then my mind went to our washer and dryer, that one is a true life saver. i couldn't imagine having to take extra time, and money, to do our laundry. it is so nice to just be able to throw a load in, carry on with loading the dishwasher, then what.... i dont even know, i suddenly have so much time on my hands.


and now for another little precious thing...

that would be little baby lincoln tucked into dennis' sweatshirt.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

drawing a blank

do you ever have a one of those days... weeks.... months... (you get where i'm going with this) where it seems like there wasn't a minute to rest, but when looking back you cant think of a single thing that happened? well this past week was kind of like that.

so, let's recap some of the highlights shall we?

on saturday thanksgiving weekend, dennis and i celebrated our first wedding anniversary by going to dinner at ruth's chris steakhouse. there literally are no words to describe how delicious our meal was. and if you are ever thinking of going to dinner there for a special occasion, make sure to mention what that occasion is, birthday, anniversary blah blah blah and your dessert is on the house.

sunday, our actually anniversary date, we went to church in the morning then stayed home,enjoyed the day together, and went on a walk around our community.

at the end of this pathway, it opens up to a beautiful park complete with large trees, piles of yellow leaves everywhere, and a swing set, dennis loved the swing set.

 monday, we had thanksgiving dinner at my parents house, it was deeeeeelicious, complete with homemade apple crumble, moooooouth wateriiiiiiiiiing.

tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday.
oh friday!

we went on a double date with cassie and ryan to peter's drive in, so yummy! i love their milkshakes (i always order strawberry, rasberry, blackberry) they have so many flavors, the combinations are almost endless it seems.

cass dropped her milkshake, but don't worry becauuuuuuuuse....

happy tuesday everybody

Monday, October 10, 2011

in one month....

we will be here....

with these guys...

playing in these...

eating this every morning for breakfast...
drinking as much of this as possible...

and we can't wait!

Monday, October 3, 2011

this past week...

to be quite honest has been fairly uneventful. we had a few meetings throughout the week, and i had activity days. we made cute little scripture bags, maybe i will post how we did it some other time. seriously, they were adorable.

but other then that the scene around our home has mostly consisted of...

studying, and working on this....


on thursday cassie came to visit us, she had recently cut her bangs, and we actually look like we might be related now.

she brought dinner with her, we were supposed to have chicken wings AND mozza sticks, but we will just say that we only ended up eating chicken wings, good job dennis...

on friday we got dressed up and spent a night out on the town, first we went to a party that was hosted by some people den knows from school, it was awful, so i wont elablorate anymore. but then, we went to one of my all time favorite places to eat, mcdonalds, judge all you want, tell me all the grose facts that you can find (but i have probably already heard them anyway) but it wont change my mind, i love my mickys. and as an added bonus it's monopoly time, how fun is that?

this next photo is a father and son, we were there for like 20 mins and i kid you not the only thing these two talked about was hdmi cables, and the next generation iphone to be released.

saturday den reffed basketball, i stayed home and clean so much my mother would really be proud of me, and watched conference. can i just say how awesome is urchtdorf? he always has the best analogies, and stories.

we werent able to watch all of the sessions, so we will be watching them online over the next few days here, and most likely downloading them on itune to listen to.

sunday cass, dennis, and i made our way up to lester b. pearson to the jessica thiedman (i think that's how you spell her last name) basketball tournament, its a training tournament put on by cmba to train their reffs. dennis has been reffing for about ten years now, so he wasn't there for training, but he did however receive a bursary to go towards post secondary education, i am so proud of him, and i like him in his little striped uniform.

how was your weekend?
what were some of your favorite highlights of conference?