Monday, October 29, 2012

bump thump, poke prod

the first time it happened was about 3 weeks ago, i was sitting at my desk doing something... could have been work, also could not have been, who really knows.

i had been experiencing muscle/ nerve spasms on the right side of my lower abdomen, and i remember thinking it was really weird, because i never get them there, it's usually around my eye lid, or lip, but nothing to call home about. i didn't pay much more attention to it, until all of a sudden it wasn't just on the right side anymore. there was a distinct sensation of something rolling from the right side of my belly right into the center. now that was different.

i told dennis i thought i was starting to feel him move, i even told my mom. but i really wasn't totally sure, and didn't want to start announcing it to the world, then turn around and be like "oh sorry guys, it was just gas".

everyone tries to tell you what those first movements will feel like, some say "it feels like little flutters in your stomach", or "it's kinda like hunger pains rolling across your belly". looking back, those are all understandable explanations, but you know what? it really just feels like there is a tiny littler person inside of you tumbling, and bumping around.

i have noticed he starts really bouncing around whenever i eat or drink anything fruity, most of all raspberries and cranberry juice. and just before we go to sleep at night he likes to put on a show for dennis, which he is now been able to feel!

i am feeling my little guy move around more and more everyday, and love the constant reminder that he is with me everywhere i go.


tomorrow i hit my 22 week mark. can you believe that i am over halfway done, and only have roughly 18 more weeks until i get to hold this little person in my arms? yea, me either.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

how to find new people to follow on pinterest

some may just stick to people they know

others like to branch out, and follow thousand upon thousands of people they don't even know.

me? just as in real life, i tend to be very particular with who i choose to dedicate any kind of attention to in my social media relationships.

when it comes to fbook, i strictly only friend people who i know, have met at some point in my life, and would actually have a conversation with if the opportunity ever presented itself. but as life carries on people change, grow apart, become involved in other things, and have different interests. so for these reasons i feel it is important to do a thorough clean up of my friends list every now and then, to make sure that i still feel comfortable sharing my personal information, pictures, comments, and these ever important blog posts with those people.

that being said, when it comes to those i choose to follow on pinterest, i actually like to branch out of my immediate circle of acquaintances. i have found that if i only stick with friends, and friends of friends, then i am constantly being barraged my doubles and triples of the same pin, and i just really don't need that. by widening my scope to include those that i don't know, i am able to see a bit of a broader range of what pinterest has to offer me (but being realistic, it's all the same crap anyway). because i am interested in a lot more then just seeing outfits that are totally unrealistic (oh my word don't even get me started), what your dream wedding day will look like, 100 different ways to braid your hair, and makeup tutorials that lets face it, will almost put you in the poor house trying to first purchase all the different products needed.

but how do you know who is worth your precious pinning time, when you really don't know any of these people? well i feel like i have finally come up with a system that will allow me to glimpse, if only for one short moment, into the inner thinking's of another person, and help me answer the determining question "if i were to meet this person, would we actually be able to have a conversation?"

and so i give you...

"how to find new people to follow on pinterest"
(with pictures and everything!)

first, go to the popular page

second, find a pin that you think is funny/interesting/intriguing/informative/etc.

third, scroll through comments, and find the retard that just had to say something dumb about it
fourth, continue to scroll through until you find the person who calls the retard out on the aforementioned dumb comment.
fifth, follow

now, i'm not saying that this system will work for everyone. but i have to say, i have yet to be disappointed.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

baby E will be...

a boy!!!!

i wish i had more/better pictures to show of our little guy, but the cd burner at the clinic wasn't working... bah! so until they get their butts in gear over there, we are stuck with this picture of a picture. 

at least he is smiling for us right?

actually he was yawning, but i prefer to think that he is just so happy hanging around with me all day that he can't help but constantly be smiling away. 

over the past months i never really had a sense of what our baby was going to be, so it truly was a surprise when our tech told us it was a boy. actually, what she said was "now there is always a slight chance that we are wrong, but it's a boy, definitely a boy".

now i can finally start sewing up a storm for my little man's arrival! 

only 20 more weeks to go, march can't come quick enough!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

because it is about time don't you think?

did you know that i am just a few days shy of my 20 week mark? or 5 months. whatever one you prefer.

that means i am pretty much halft way through this whole pregnancy thing, and i am not complaining at all, honestly i think i have had close to the easiest pregnancy on record here.

i constantly have people telling me how lucky that i am, and trust me i really, really, really do know that i am.

while discussing the current rate that time has just flown by with a friend the other day, she brought it to my attention that for how far along i am, i really haven't said much about my pregnancy.

so i looked back through my posts to see just how long it had been since i last made any mention of this little human growing inside of me, and you know what i found out? it has been 2 whole months since i last made any sort of comment regarding it whatsoever! i think i just had my first "i am a terrible mother" moment. i mean how did i go that long and not even make one little squeak about my baby? and so first i would like to apologize to he/she (who really doesn't care at all) about letting that happen, and then second to anyone who has been wondering at all about what has been going on with me up until this point (which may not be many people at all either, but who cares).

the thing now is that i am having a hard time trying to remember everything that has happened in the past few months... this is why it is important to keep up to date!

so far my due date has been set, changed, and then changed back, it may even change again. i am starting to wonder why they give you a specific day, i mean how many babies are actually born on that day?

at the 12 week mark i went for my nuchal ultrasound, i don't know how long these appointments normally take, but after hearing the tech make comments like "this is the squirmiest little baby i have ever seen!", and having to lay on my stomach multiple times to get it to flip back around,  i'm going to assume that mine took a bit longer then normal.

blood work, oh blood work. i am not one to shy away from needles, but holy crap enough already. and to top it all off, i recently found out that i am a b- blood type, so what does that mean? more needles! one at 28 weeks, and another after i give birth, to prevent my blood from creating antibodies against my babies blood if it is rh+, which is definitely a possibility because dennis is a+, and so that could make any future pregnancies after this one very difficult/dangerous.

it is a really good thing that we go for another ultrasound on monday, where we hopefully will be able to find out the gender, because i am going crazy over here not knowing.

only recently has there been any sort of outward physical manifestation of what has been going on inside of me for the past few months. and when i say recently, i really mean very recent.

this was last friday afternoon...

and this is monday morning...

crazy right? 


with this recent development i decided it was about time that got a few items that will accommodate my changing figure. so after scouring kijiji for a few days i was able to score 7 pairs of mat. pants for 120 buckaroos. yep, that's right. score!

let's just hope that it doesn't take me another 2 months to get my butt back on here and post another update.