Wednesday, January 4, 2012

photos by esme

last month my good friend esmerelda mathews contacted me about letting her take some photos of dennis and i, and of course i was all over that! we had such a fun time with her and her husband playing in the snow ( my boots were completely soaked through, even my toes were pruny!) sliding down icy back wood paths and just hangingout with them. hopefully we can do it again sometime.

here are a few that she put up on her blog for me to see, i was so excited! i have been dying with anticipation these past few weeks. 

thanks again esme!

please note that it was really bright that day, and with all the snow around it didn't matter where you looked, you were going to be blinded. 

if you're interested in booking a session with her, you can contact her on her blog here, or ask me and i can hook you up. 

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