Friday, December 30, 2011

Bantu Buns

i have been trying to find different ways of styling my hair, but require the most minimal amount of work to get there. i am very much a wash and wear type of girl, but i have been feeling like i need to step it up lately, because i do know that with added effort i am a lot better looking (funny how that happens) and who doesn't want to be just a tad better looking right? to say that my mother was happy to hear me admit my latest decision would be a huge understatement. her exact words were "i have been telling you that for years!" which is true, she has. 

and so i have been surfing the internet, and by that i mean pinterest, looking at all the beautiful hairdos that i'm sure took way more time than i am willing to put into my hair. but then i came upon a few pictures of the type of curls that i do have, but only come out with some effort to get there, and effort takes time, remember reducing the time and effort is the key here. so from there i started to look into quick ways to curl my hair and with some help from a few other pinteresters... pinters... pinners (?) (i think the last one is the best) i decided i would try and put some bantu buns in my hair. 

i first did this for dennis' family christmas ever party, and it turned out pretty well, i didn't take any pictures of it, i am not wishing i had because it rocked! i did have to blow it dry after i took them out, because my hair holds moisture like it gets paid to, and helped it out with the curling iron. i am not opposed to those extra helpers, i just wanted to try and get the look a bit more low maintenace. so i decided next time i would shower at night, put product in my hair and take it out in the morning. 

well let me tell you, it work. a little more then i had expected it would. 

brace yourself....

i think i look like my mom in this picture, it's not a bad thing, she just has short curly hair. i will definitely be doing this again, after i got over the shock of my new do i enjoyed playing around with it, and all the new possibilities of thing i can do with shorter uber curly hair, rather then my long hair. but i will say this, i am glad this isn't what i have to deal with every morning.

so this last time i made didn't put product in my hair, and i made thicker buns, or less buns, whatever way you want to look at it. 

now this on the other hand, i don't mind one bit. 

and it only took me 5 minutes, yes!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

thank you sewing machine

for christmas dennis bought me these babies

*que angelic sounds of joy and praise*

i am in love with them, maybe even a little obsessed considering i have been wearing them almost everyday since.

But then this thing happened, i started thinking about all the things up in my closet that i can wear with them (and that is a lot, plus they are brown boots, they go with everything!), and i realized i needed another pair of skinny jeans. yes need. i looked over at dennis playing video games, and stated "dennis i need another pair of jeans", right away he paused his game, paused! this never happens, i swear a bomb could go off and he would never know it. anyway, he paused the game, and just looked at me, a look that said "you don't need another anything!" which is actually true, i'll be the first to admit i have a lot of clothes. but the boots! they are just screaming at me that a new pair of jeans will solve all of my wardrobe problems.

cut to later on that day.
i was upstairs in my closet trying to stuff some of the freshly washed, and folded jeans into the shelf i keep my jeans on, and to my utter dismay they wouldn't fit! maybe i really don't need any more jeans? nonsense. i took them all out, sure that if i just refolded all of them they will all fit, yes! that will do the trick. so there i am folding all my jeans and i come across a pair of rock&republics that had obviously been at the bottom of the pile for a while, since i forgot i even had them, and it hit me! i really don't need to go out and buy another pair, dennis will be so happy.

and so i turned these...

into these...

my boots, and dennis, both thank me

a change

i changed the title of our blog, which now makes it my blog.
because let's be honest, dennis isn't ever going to be posting anything.

that's all.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

back at it

today has been torture
it's my first day back at work after a week long vacation, which was magical. what isn't magical is waking up to your alarm clock, not being able to turn it off, snuggle into the little space between dennis' slightly outstretched arm, and the side of his body (which for future reference if ever needed, i call the armpit crevice)  and then fall whimsically back to sleep. nope, didn't happen, almost, but no.

instead i had to get up before the rise of the sun, rush to get ready, because remember i almost gave in, and head out the door. one bonus is that there were no cars on the road this morning, none! once at work i was greeted by 53 emails, all needing to be responded to right away, i don't even know how many voice mails, and stacks of paper work to be sorted through, and then decided what needs to be dealt with and when. but who am i kidding that kind of sounds like any regular day, i was just out of practice.

slow and steady was the game today.... but i just don't want to be playing at all.

currently i am...


this actually pretty accurately depicts how i am feeling. focused on what i am doing, everything else just sort of seems like a blur. except when i stop and think for a second, it all goes away and 5 minutes have passed without a single remembrance of what just happened.

but the up side?
everyone except myself had vacated the office by two o'clock. this gives me a chance to put my ipod on as loud as it can go, and listen to some of the new music i got for christmas.

but when i get home i am looking forward to having a cup of this...

this is the best hot chocolate ever, ever! den bought me some of their vanilla bean hot choc mix the other day, i think it might be time to crack that sucker open.

Friday, December 23, 2011

let there be light!

i love our little apartment, what sold me on it in the first place was the warm, homey feel you have when you are here.i don't know exactly what it is, maybe the shade of beige the walls, the earth tones that are everywhere, maybe the two over sized, out of this world comfortable couches your butt has ever had the privilege to site upon, possibly a combination of all three and some more. it's definitely a place i love to come home to, i just feel happy.

but nothing is perfect, our little nest has it's downfalls.

this thing called winter we are going through has a nasty side affect other then cold, snow, ice, car crashes, stress, ahhh... you know how it goes. i think this is what i hate most about winter, shorter days, less light, leaving for work in the dark, AND coming home in the dark, awful. that big yellow thing in the sky just doesn't seem to want to come out and see the light of day. (that's funny cuz the sun is what gives us the light of day, ha!). seriously, i think i am just as excited for dec. 21st as i am for the 25th.

if you have ever been in our living room around sunset, or soon thereafter you know how dark it gets in here, and how quickly, it happens so fast sometimes i swear i start seeing spots while my eyes are trying to adjust to the lack of light. so far we have only had one lamp in the room, and unfortunatly i chose one for the pretty factor it has, and not for functionality. it is a gorgeous lamp, i mean, i did personally pick it off the shelf at homesence.but the shade hardly lets out any light, it's more of a redish glow, that only makes it the armrests of the couches on either side. no bueno.

well don't worry beacause this problem has been fixed! we took a trip to ikea on wednesday to finally rescue our eyes from over exherting themselves while trying to look at anything after 4:30pm.

here is out new floor lamp peaking out from around our fat christmas tree. this guy works wonders!

we also got some lamps for our bedroom. you know the movie p.s. i love you? ok well if you don't go watch it now! oh and bring a box of tissues.but if you have... well you know the turning off the light, then running into things problem they had, we totaly had the same problem. it was a frustrating situation to be in. well there will be no more stubbing toes in our house, because we have lamps, and we l.o.v.e. them!

atleast it can only keep on getting better right?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

what makes me laugh

one day i was at work, a day a long time ago, it was late summer i believe. that's not the point though. while i was at work i heard my phone chime in my desk drawer, i used to not be able to tell if it was a email chime, tm chime, fbook alert chime (or any other chime) because of the muffle that is caused by the fact my phone is in a drawer. that problem has now long since been solved. that's also not the point, but in itself is a good point, it's really handy know the different chimes.

so, my phone chimed, i looked at it, it was from dennis. he doesn't email me all that often, so i thought it was something possibly important, i opened the message and all it says is "read from the bottom". so i scroll down, all the way to the bottom, when i got there i found a picture of what appeared to be a form of some kind. i started to read it, went up to the next, and then up to the next, i kept going until i caught myself reaching up to wipe away the tears that were forming from my laughter.

i was going through some pictures on my phone tonight when i came across those images in the email that i had saved. they put a smile on my face again, and i'm sure it will do the same to anyone else who reads them.

here's a few of my favorites


i don't know exactly where this came from, or where it originated, it was some kind of chain mail that has found it's way to den. basically i don't know where, or who to give the appropriate credit, but i would if i could. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

what i did

this past summer, i think it was august, dennis and i were outside taking out the trash or something, and standing right next to a "no scavenging" sign was this tall beauty, it just screamed "i'm so useful". i looked at it, and thought you know what coat rack, you are so useful! you belong in my house. so i picked up that coat rack taller then myself, carried it triumphantly up three flights of stairs, down two very long hallways, and it was mine.

this was what it looked like fresh off the street...

street coat rack wasn't my favorite look, so i decided it needed a bit of a revamping.

and so this is what i did...

i took off all the hooks, and sanded all the dark stain off as much as i could.
it sat outside for a few months while i finished my cross stitch.
then i brought it inside, and apologized profusely for neglecting it.
once we made up i got back to work.

it took me a while to decide what i wanted to do colour wise, i cycled through a lot of ideas. but eventually i decided what i wanted.

on saturday i spray painted the hooks outside on the porch.

once it got too dark outside i brought them in to dry, and went upstairs to paint.
notice the plant pot? i used the soil to hold the screws upright so i could spray paint them. genius!

street curb, to a nice warm corner in our little home. not too bad.

next? moving all those bags onto the rack.