Monday, November 26, 2012

did you know..

when the dr. tells you to try and go to the bathroom at least every two hours she isn't just saying it for fun? yup, that's right, there is actually wisdom in those words. because emptying out a very full bladder all at once and feeling your uterus fit back down to fill the now empty space can be surprisingly painful. how's that for a "what they don't tell you about pregnancy"?

when the baby kicks you feel it everywhere, like literary every side of your inner body. now you may be thinking "well duh", but it had just never occurred to me before. and as a result the following conversation has actually taken place in our house:
"do you know what it feels like to be kicked in the butt...from the inside?"
"um... no.."
"well i do, it's weird"

so there you have it. two little pearls of wisdom, from my brain to yours.

you're welcome

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

i beg to differ

i know everyone says that girls clothes are so much cuter than boys....

well i don't know about you, but i am about to fall over flat from cuteness overload right now. 

i already own the little button up onsie, and i may or may not snuggle it about once a week...

17 weeks and counting

Friday, November 2, 2012

i needed a change

a while ago i wrote about my absolute need for change in my life. well big surprise, those feelings had recently started creeping up on me again. but this time i didn't let it get the point of completely melting down in a corner not knowing what to do with myself.

no, this time i did something about it.

i cut my hair, all of it, right off.

it is something that i have talked about doing for a while, and i finally worked up the courage to just go do it.

i have never considered myself someone totally attached to my long thick hair, after all it grows back, and boy does mine ever grow fast. however, i will admit i was having a panic attack all saturday morning leading up to the appointment.  

but i was determined, and knew that if i didn't i'm sure at some point i will regret it. 

so i walked in the salon, put my trust in the lady with the scissors, and watched it all drop to the floor. 

goodbye hair, see you in about oh... 3-5 years? i have a feeling this is going to stick around for a while.