Tuesday, June 19, 2012


there are a few things that i need to clear up here


my guilty pleasure is the bachelor/bachelorette series

yes, yes i know. go ahead and judge me. because i kind of do, a little bit. oh heck, i hate myself for it somedays.


the title? all those strikes are the amount of times that the word "like" was used in a 1 minute conversation between jef (yes with only one "f") and emily.

i'm just not a fan of that man. boy? school boy? man-child? i dunno. definitely not someone that i think she should be with.

i mean can you imagine if they ended up together? any conversation they would have would just take forever! even just watching the conversations that take place between them now, i even leave them thinking "...what just happened... *blank stare*".

can't you just imagine their arguments?

oh heaven help us

i just wouldn't see it going any farther than this:

- you just like...
- why do you like...
- ugh it's just like..
- i just hate that like...
- when you like...

i think you get what i'm saying

and his hair?

well, all that i am going to say is... actually all i'm going to do is do a big ole eye squint and head tilt.

some people bite their tongue, i squint and tilt.

mostly because my tongue is too sore from all the biting.

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