Tuesday, January 17, 2012

our weekend

you know those weekends that are filled with barely anything?
well that's basically what our past weekend was, and it was glorious.
saturday we slept in, dennis got up to go work on our car with my dad, and i continued to sleep in.
i eventually got up, read a bit.
and then the rest of the morning, and most of the afternoon completely escapes me.

later that night dennis and i went out on a little date to go see the new sherlock homes movie. i didn't really like it, i just can't get into them. i feel like they tend to be in this weird limbo between an action movie, and a thinker. i get how some people might like those two combined, but i prefer them to be kept in their own categories.

but there were a few spots, like the "urban camouflage" that i really enjoyed.

oh but the end? awesome. so maybe i will go see the next one, and there will be another because, well, the ending just sreams a third installment. 

then we made a quick jont over to the nearest superstore to pick something up for sunday.

evidence of how cold it was that night? i reached out to turn up the fan and my nail cracked in half like an egg on the counter. 

sunday, we had church in the morning, and oh boy was it ever a dramatic day in 8th ward.
later that afternoon we went over to shani and mile's, to celebrate shani's 28th birthday. 

happy tuesday from us!

oh, and friday afternoon? feel free to come as quickly as possible. thanks