Thursday, August 23, 2012

i am learning

while dennis is away on another one of his field school trips (last ever!), i thought i had this whole being alone for weeks at a time thing down pat, but it turns out i don't. so over these past few days i have had time to discover a few things about myself that i didn't realize before, like...

... i am not good at cooking for just one person

... i have developed a bad habit of not looking at the gas gage, and filling up when it gets too low (dennis just always takes care of that). i was introduced to our gas light yesterday after work, oh ya, that was a fun ride, considering i had no idea how long it had been on for.

... it is not a good idea to ONLY eat a bowl of cucumbers and vinegar on an empty and overly sensitive stomach (this doesn't really have to do with den being gone, but still a good learning experience).

... i can't sleep more then two hours at a time without waking up wondering why i just face planted into the side table (there isn't another body there to stop me from moving over that far).

... everything i need around the house is always out of my arms reach (why do we put everything up high?)

... i suck at getting out of bed on my own, even though i really should have seen that one coming, because he has to hover over me almost every morning and tell me that i need to get up, now.

and lastly

... i'm not quite as independent as i used to be. because with him gone i feel like he took the part of me that i need to be a normal functioning human being.

here's to only one more week of walking around in a lonely daze.

oh and wish me luck with doing everyday normal things that keep me alive, like filling up the car with gas...

Monday, August 13, 2012

a few fun things...

this morning i was late for work because i was pulled over in a parking lot, with my body hanging out the side of the car prepping for the contents of my stomach to make a second appearance. good news, it didn't, just tormented me instead.

i can only eat mashed potatoes

and hamburger soup (thanks mom!)

i have to pee at exactly 2:45 every morning

i smell meat cooking, when everyone else smells something burning

i was weighed at the dr last week and i haven't gained any weight, which is amazing because i can't button up the majority of my pants anymore, and i have been eating like a cow.

grow baby grow!

oh and...

nyc in 21 days!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

today i looked in my rearview mirror and swore i saw prince william behind me

but then i saw that the chick in the passenger seat was a blonde, and last time i checked, katey m wasn't a blonde. so it obviously wasn't him.


i am technically able to park in the "expecting mothers" spot in parking lots now, which, i think is pretty nifty. but today i chose to leave it for someone who, you know, actually looks pregnant, and i parked three stalls down. i go into the store, grabbed a few groceries (oh perogies!) and as i'm walking out, who parks in said stall! some grey haired old bitty in a car older then me!

there are multiple reasons why this is wrong

1. i'm pretty sure she is waaaaaaaaaay past her expiration date, if you know what i mean. nothing expecting there, other then one giant car crash, you should have seen the way she flew into that spot!

2. SHE WAS RIGHT BESIDE THE HANDICAP PARKING STALL!!!! why are those things even there if these people won't park in them.