Tuesday, January 3, 2012

hot tool covers

i have had this particular project at the top of my must do list for a while now.

I would have done it a lot sooner if i wasn't so picky. for a while i used to try and justify myself by saying that i just have high standard that i choose not waiver from, but who am i kidding, i't just picky, probably the most picky person you will ever meet. i still think i have high standards that i choose not to waiver from though.

so this project, after leaving my straightener sitting in the carpet for way too long, how long? you will never know. i decided that something needed to change, not that i needed to pay more attention while i am letting it heat up, or cool down. but something that will allow me a little buffer room while i am being absent minded.

so i went on the prowl for some cute oven pads at the local dollar stores. now like i said, i'm picky, and most of the ones i found just weren't cutting it for me. i mean i don't even drink cappuccinos why would i want to have to look at one every time i reach for my curling iron? see? weird. but then last friday after work while we were waiting to get the car out of the shop (long annoying story) we stopped into dollarama and there i beheld these beauties.

see how cute those are? now what if i had bought those ugly cups of brown addiction? 

next I folded the oven pad in half, pinned along the bottom, and the side leaving the top open.

and then sewed it up. 

*i used a denim needle because when the pads are folded in half they are very thick, and very tough, so a regular needle won't be able to quite do the trick, unless the trick is them breaking. also it is going to be a tight squeeze under the pressure foot, unless you have an adjustable one (i wish!) so you're really going to have to help feed it through. 

i didn't sew all the way up the side because i wanted to leave it a bit open to make it easier getting things in about out, and it also lets the clamp on a curling iron have a bit of breathing room, therefore letting it sit farther down into the cover. which is the point anyway right?

and there you have it!
easy peasy. 

moral of the story? being picky pays off in the end. 


  1. looks great!! i didn't even learn to start sewing until right after i had my first little one almost 10 years ago. Way to go!! Sewing saves you time and money and you can feel good about doing it yourself:) i'm proud!!!!

  2. oh yes and very worth the wait!! Those are so cute:)