Monday, January 23, 2012

yes, I do believe they are

so the other day, well more like one day last week at work i stumbled upon this little website called Pinterest, You Are Drunk.  it is basically just a bunch of outrageous things that people have posted in pinterest, and then making fun on them.

1. if you don't know what pinterest is (if you care) google it, or ask around for someone to try and explain it to you, because i am not good at explaining things. seriously, i am banned from explaining new games to my family, dennis has to do it.

2. if you do know what pinterest is, you are fully aware that there are some pretty crazy things on there, i just don't know what some people are thinking. reusable toilet paper! really?

if you have a moment, click on the link at the top and check out some of the completely ridiculous things that people are passing off as brilliant, and some of the funny comments that go along with them.

 her humor might not be for everyone, but i totally relate to the sarcastic nature of this website, i feel like i am reading my own thoughts on the screen, i just haven't had the chance to think it yet. does that make sense?

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