Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sunday, June 9, 2013

the best day

if you were to ask my father, when it comes to caring for little children the best day happens when...

... they sleep through the night for the first time...


... they can hold their own bottle, giving you a free hand...


... they can drink milk cold and not have to worry about waiting to heat up a bottle...


... they can drink cows milk...


...they can sit and play with toys to keep them preoccupied...


... they are finally potty trained...


...a few others, but i think you get it

it has been pointed out to him that "the best day" is a singular statement, but my dad has always been above the regular rules that many of us have to live by. so he sticks to his theory that when these things happen, it is the best day.

now i really hope that i'm not jinxing it by telling the world, but for the past three nights willem has slept through the night. like right through. a full 9-6 conk out. not a peep or wimper. just a wonderfully peaceful sleeping baby.

and you know what?

each of those days following really have been the best.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

polka dot baby

isn't 3 months just the funnest?

i'm sure that every month from here on out i'm going to think is 100% better then the last, but for now, 3 months rocks!

willem is starting to become this little person with a personality to keep you laughing for hours.

the kid loves to talk. obviously not words yet, but he sure is trying his best. he will go on, and on, and on. honestly the most entertaining thing ever.

but the best thing ever? polka dots.  he loves them. i first noticed it when i was swaddling him up to go down for a nap. i had just changed my sheets to my super cute polka dot set (dennis looooooves them). and when i rolled him onto his side he caught site of that lovely pink pattern, and instantly the most precious little smile spread across his face, he let out a little coo, and it was love.

but don't worry, it's not just pink polka dots, he is a lover of all colours. blue ones on a the burp cloth. black on the back of a toy. multi colours of a blanket. and now white on my new phone case.

oh 3 months.  

you break my heart.