Monday, January 9, 2012

it's been a while

literally less then ten steps down the hall from our apartment is this

our landlord told us about it when we moved in, and she did warn us about the condition of the equipment. but we still decided to check it out,and she wasn't kidding. it seriously looked like you would come out with ripped limbs instead of ripped muscles. it was pretty scary. so we avoided it for obvious reasons. a few months later for some reason we popped our heads in again and found it completely stripped bare hmm... remolding? i hope so. but doubtful. 

low and behold that is exactly what they were doing. 

i wish i had taken a picture of what it looked like before, to compare with what it is now. because holy man does it look great! brand spankin' new equipment, and yes, they even had that "new" smell.  

loved my view

how many people can walk to and from their workout in their socks? this girl can!

after sweating more then i have in a very long time, i decided that i deserved a treat, and a treat i got. 

all dressed chips, my fave!

what did i learn today? i need to get my butt back in there tomorrow. 
oh, and i'm going to sleep like baby tonight, and that i'm most definitely going to be sore tomorrow. yes, very sore. 

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