Wednesday, November 30, 2011

it's here, and it may come

it's time to pull up your socks (or just put some on all together), put on boots that make it over your ankles, and actually zip up your jacket when you go outside, because winter has officially hit calgary. i will be the first to admit i didn't like seeing a pile of white snow on top of my car this morning, but how much can we complain really, it is after all the last day of november. we had a good run.

and now something way more exciting, that with your support may become a reality.

so my company, well not my company, but you know what i mean. anyway the company that i work for has extensive connections to all different areas of the business market, let me try to esplain it to you. harvard property management (who i work for) is owned by a family owned and operated company call the hill companies, they (the hills) own different business such as harvard developments (who prop. man. work closely with for obvious reasons), harvard energy, harvard investments, blah blah blah and harvard broadcasting. you have heard of x92.9 right? of course you have, well we own that. i totally feel awesome when i say we own that, kind of like it is my company. holy cow, ok , anyway.... well harvard is petitioning to get a new radio station in calgary called my 95.3, it will be a adult contemporary station, featuring artists that you may find on stations like 95.5, but not as much pop music. basically giving more of a variety to what is on our radio stations. i don't know about you but it drives me nuts what i change the station to get away from an annoying song, but hear it on three others at the exact. same. time.

this station is still in the beginning stages, and any help offered would be great! you can go to the website by clicking here and submitting an application of support.

(sorry if there are many spelling mistake, i'm at work, and it's time to go home!)
(aka, i was in a rush)

Friday, November 25, 2011

done, and done.

i have been working on this little cross stitching project of mine for a while now. when i say little i actually mean very large, and a while is more like a really long time, im talking almost a year now. it has been comsuming almost all free the free time i have. i come home from work, cross stitch, saturday morning afternoon and evening, cross stitch. it was non stop people. but don't feel bad for me (feel bad for dennis if you must), because i am done! i working my little tail feather off last night to finish it up, i barely even talked to dennis, i feel bad now that i think about it, but it was for a good reason.

it was kind of strange, i finished my last stitch, looked at it with so much pride, and then thought to myself.... now what?

it didnt take me long to remember to pile of other projects that i am promised to get to. some even spanning almost a year ago too.

well here it is, the spoils of all my heard work. i'm sure my knuckles will be thanking me as well. seriously i no long wonder why people of an older generation suffer from joint pain in the fingular area.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

not doing so well

so one of the reasons that we (mostly me) decided to start this blog was so that we would have more incentive to take pictures of the happenings in our little world, and the completely fascinating (not really) things that we have been up to. i was doing really well at first, but then i got back into my old habit of never remembering to bring our camera anywhere, and the odd time that i did remember, i just forgot to use it. funny how that works right? and then as a result of my forgetfulness, i end up having to relying on the photos taken by others, and then having them sent to me.

a perfect example of this happened this past saturday. my parents hosted a surprise party for dennis' big 2-4. i am so glad that my mother is the party planning queen (seriously were you at my wedding? all her) because i fail miserably when it comes to planning anything.

thanks to all who came to celebrate with us, and a huge thanks to my parents and cassie for planning, decorating, and providing such yummy snacks, honestly for doing pretty much everything.

photo credit and mad emailing skills go to cassie

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

warm fuzzies

now that we are back home from the warmth of mexico, it is time to start getting back to the reality of living in canada. and that reality is being cold. all. the. time. at least for me it is, dennis can wear a long sleeve shirt, throw on a hoodie and still complain he is too warm. ok maybe that was a stretch, but it seems like that sometimes.

another reality i had to come home to was work. now don't get me wrong i love my job and i wasn't dreading going back to it, i just wasn't quite ready to turn my brain back on. so when i am not catching up on a week's worth of emails i am wasting my time snooping around here.

i can spend hours day dreaming up different outfits, and just falling in love with things that when i am honest with myself, i admit i will never actually wear them.

here are a few pieces that make my heart warm, when every other ligament in numb.



all of these pictures are from the  ModCloth website, go check it out.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

so scurrrrrred

what scurs you?
this past hollows holiday we all had the opportunity to stop and think about the things in this world that scare us, embrace them, and even face those deep fears by dressing up as them. it's a stick it to the man kind of thing. maybe?

last weekend we were invited to a mystery dinner party, we all got characters to learn and take on as our own identity for the evening. dennis was Manny something, a disco singer extraordinaire. me? I was Polly Esther Stuffincup. who is that you ask? well since your wondering, she is a slut. the whore of Babylon even, her costume suggestion was "a skirt that is way too short, and a low cut tight shirt".....ya that sounds like something i could whip up, no problem. she is only 19 years old so i hope that is why they chose to give me the part, and not for anyother reason.....

thankfully, the party was cancelled. i was having a dreadful time trying to come up with a outfit to properly portray miss polly.

the next night, we made our way down to my parents house for a party my little (younger maybe more appropriate) sister was hosting. she totally decked out the place, it looked aaaaaawesome.

here are some snappy snaps i took.

oh, dennis and i decided to go a bronx people, since he was familiar with the dress code, and brought home some fitting pieces from his mission.

i decided to go with a pregger belly, because well... it seemed fitting. apparently it looked pretty real, i even stumped my own mother for a moment.


 but that's not scary you're saying to your self, and yes i agree with you. but you know what it scary?
packing is scarey. atleast it is if you are me, or in any proximity to me while the packing is taking place, it's like your worst hair day on crack.

                                                             to me, this is a daunting sight. 
                                                             it can stop me dead in my tracks.
                                                             and paralyze me for hours.

this is the current state that it is in
maybe tomorrow it will be better