Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas in... January?

yesterday was a terribly exciting day in our house for many reasons, but the majors on the list were:

1. pick n' pull saved us hundreds of dollars!


b. dennis received his new backpack in the mail. 
(get it? home alone anyone?)

his old bpack was starting to wear on the strap, in the weirdest place too, not even close to a buckle or anything else for it to rub on. we took it into spareparts where he bought it to get a copy of the receipt, so it can be sent in under warranty to be repaired, we had a few struggles in the beginning trying to get the correct documentation that we needed (you know how when you buy something from there they record all sorts of information right down the the name of your first born? i guess that didn't happen that day). it was turning into a long, and slightly painful process, so i just repaired his strap with my handy dandy repairing skills i gained sewing trampolines one summer. and when i was done with it that baby wasn't going to fray no mo. 

but after what has seemed like foooooooooreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dakine finally got back to us, and just decided to send him a fresh new one. 

so that is the story of the backpack, and here is the story of a man falling in love with said backpack. 

he was so happy he even made me some hot chocolate! that is the third major exciting event of the day. 

indeed, a very good day

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  1. That second picture is such a Dennis picture lol