Thursday, December 20, 2012

snuggie and a sick hubby

we have had a serious case of "the man cold" in our house this past week.

it's a good thing that my snuggie was within arms reach from him the entire time

things could have gotten really ugly around here without it.


please do have a laugh at this video, because i sure have.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


18 weeks

22 weeks

24 weeks

today at 28 weeks

starting to get big over here people


oh and for future reference, when the nurse whips out the needle to give you your RhoGam shot, don't look at it. just trust me on this one. it's huge. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

third and final

on tuesday i officially entered my third trimester. 

the last one!

(feel free the interpret the exclamation mark with both excitement and terror)

even with my growing belly, and the constant thumps of him inside of me, i don't think i have totally wrapped my head around all this baby business. does any one really ever with their first? or even second and third? 

i have since decided to give into my crazy nesting urges and organized our linen closet. watch out, i know. 

next up is turning the second bedroom actually into a bedroom, instead of a dumping ground for whatever couldn't fit anywhere else. for someone who can't pack for a week long holiday without suffering a mild melt down, making all of these preparations does have me feeling a little overwhelmed lately. 

but i'll tell you one thing, i can not wait until the day i get to cuddle my little guy in my arms.

and tickle these precious little toes

march, i sure am looking forward to what you will bring. february (late), feel free to bring us an early surprise if you would like.

Monday, November 26, 2012

did you know..

when the dr. tells you to try and go to the bathroom at least every two hours she isn't just saying it for fun? yup, that's right, there is actually wisdom in those words. because emptying out a very full bladder all at once and feeling your uterus fit back down to fill the now empty space can be surprisingly painful. how's that for a "what they don't tell you about pregnancy"?

when the baby kicks you feel it everywhere, like literary every side of your inner body. now you may be thinking "well duh", but it had just never occurred to me before. and as a result the following conversation has actually taken place in our house:
"do you know what it feels like to be kicked in the butt...from the inside?"
"um... no.."
"well i do, it's weird"

so there you have it. two little pearls of wisdom, from my brain to yours.

you're welcome

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

i beg to differ

i know everyone says that girls clothes are so much cuter than boys....

well i don't know about you, but i am about to fall over flat from cuteness overload right now. 

i already own the little button up onsie, and i may or may not snuggle it about once a week...

17 weeks and counting

Friday, November 2, 2012

i needed a change

a while ago i wrote about my absolute need for change in my life. well big surprise, those feelings had recently started creeping up on me again. but this time i didn't let it get the point of completely melting down in a corner not knowing what to do with myself.

no, this time i did something about it.

i cut my hair, all of it, right off.

it is something that i have talked about doing for a while, and i finally worked up the courage to just go do it.

i have never considered myself someone totally attached to my long thick hair, after all it grows back, and boy does mine ever grow fast. however, i will admit i was having a panic attack all saturday morning leading up to the appointment.  

but i was determined, and knew that if i didn't i'm sure at some point i will regret it. 

so i walked in the salon, put my trust in the lady with the scissors, and watched it all drop to the floor. 

goodbye hair, see you in about oh... 3-5 years? i have a feeling this is going to stick around for a while. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

bump thump, poke prod

the first time it happened was about 3 weeks ago, i was sitting at my desk doing something... could have been work, also could not have been, who really knows.

i had been experiencing muscle/ nerve spasms on the right side of my lower abdomen, and i remember thinking it was really weird, because i never get them there, it's usually around my eye lid, or lip, but nothing to call home about. i didn't pay much more attention to it, until all of a sudden it wasn't just on the right side anymore. there was a distinct sensation of something rolling from the right side of my belly right into the center. now that was different.

i told dennis i thought i was starting to feel him move, i even told my mom. but i really wasn't totally sure, and didn't want to start announcing it to the world, then turn around and be like "oh sorry guys, it was just gas".

everyone tries to tell you what those first movements will feel like, some say "it feels like little flutters in your stomach", or "it's kinda like hunger pains rolling across your belly". looking back, those are all understandable explanations, but you know what? it really just feels like there is a tiny littler person inside of you tumbling, and bumping around.

i have noticed he starts really bouncing around whenever i eat or drink anything fruity, most of all raspberries and cranberry juice. and just before we go to sleep at night he likes to put on a show for dennis, which he is now been able to feel!

i am feeling my little guy move around more and more everyday, and love the constant reminder that he is with me everywhere i go.


tomorrow i hit my 22 week mark. can you believe that i am over halfway done, and only have roughly 18 more weeks until i get to hold this little person in my arms? yea, me either.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

how to find new people to follow on pinterest

some may just stick to people they know

others like to branch out, and follow thousand upon thousands of people they don't even know.

me? just as in real life, i tend to be very particular with who i choose to dedicate any kind of attention to in my social media relationships.

when it comes to fbook, i strictly only friend people who i know, have met at some point in my life, and would actually have a conversation with if the opportunity ever presented itself. but as life carries on people change, grow apart, become involved in other things, and have different interests. so for these reasons i feel it is important to do a thorough clean up of my friends list every now and then, to make sure that i still feel comfortable sharing my personal information, pictures, comments, and these ever important blog posts with those people.

that being said, when it comes to those i choose to follow on pinterest, i actually like to branch out of my immediate circle of acquaintances. i have found that if i only stick with friends, and friends of friends, then i am constantly being barraged my doubles and triples of the same pin, and i just really don't need that. by widening my scope to include those that i don't know, i am able to see a bit of a broader range of what pinterest has to offer me (but being realistic, it's all the same crap anyway). because i am interested in a lot more then just seeing outfits that are totally unrealistic (oh my word don't even get me started), what your dream wedding day will look like, 100 different ways to braid your hair, and makeup tutorials that lets face it, will almost put you in the poor house trying to first purchase all the different products needed.

but how do you know who is worth your precious pinning time, when you really don't know any of these people? well i feel like i have finally come up with a system that will allow me to glimpse, if only for one short moment, into the inner thinking's of another person, and help me answer the determining question "if i were to meet this person, would we actually be able to have a conversation?"

and so i give you...

"how to find new people to follow on pinterest"
(with pictures and everything!)

first, go to the popular page

second, find a pin that you think is funny/interesting/intriguing/informative/etc.

third, scroll through comments, and find the retard that just had to say something dumb about it
fourth, continue to scroll through until you find the person who calls the retard out on the aforementioned dumb comment.
fifth, follow

now, i'm not saying that this system will work for everyone. but i have to say, i have yet to be disappointed.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

baby E will be...

a boy!!!!

i wish i had more/better pictures to show of our little guy, but the cd burner at the clinic wasn't working... bah! so until they get their butts in gear over there, we are stuck with this picture of a picture. 

at least he is smiling for us right?

actually he was yawning, but i prefer to think that he is just so happy hanging around with me all day that he can't help but constantly be smiling away. 

over the past months i never really had a sense of what our baby was going to be, so it truly was a surprise when our tech told us it was a boy. actually, what she said was "now there is always a slight chance that we are wrong, but it's a boy, definitely a boy".

now i can finally start sewing up a storm for my little man's arrival! 

only 20 more weeks to go, march can't come quick enough!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

because it is about time don't you think?

did you know that i am just a few days shy of my 20 week mark? or 5 months. whatever one you prefer.

that means i am pretty much halft way through this whole pregnancy thing, and i am not complaining at all, honestly i think i have had close to the easiest pregnancy on record here.

i constantly have people telling me how lucky that i am, and trust me i really, really, really do know that i am.

while discussing the current rate that time has just flown by with a friend the other day, she brought it to my attention that for how far along i am, i really haven't said much about my pregnancy.

so i looked back through my posts to see just how long it had been since i last made any mention of this little human growing inside of me, and you know what i found out? it has been 2 whole months since i last made any sort of comment regarding it whatsoever! i think i just had my first "i am a terrible mother" moment. i mean how did i go that long and not even make one little squeak about my baby? and so first i would like to apologize to he/she (who really doesn't care at all) about letting that happen, and then second to anyone who has been wondering at all about what has been going on with me up until this point (which may not be many people at all either, but who cares).

the thing now is that i am having a hard time trying to remember everything that has happened in the past few months... this is why it is important to keep up to date!

so far my due date has been set, changed, and then changed back, it may even change again. i am starting to wonder why they give you a specific day, i mean how many babies are actually born on that day?

at the 12 week mark i went for my nuchal ultrasound, i don't know how long these appointments normally take, but after hearing the tech make comments like "this is the squirmiest little baby i have ever seen!", and having to lay on my stomach multiple times to get it to flip back around,  i'm going to assume that mine took a bit longer then normal.

blood work, oh blood work. i am not one to shy away from needles, but holy crap enough already. and to top it all off, i recently found out that i am a b- blood type, so what does that mean? more needles! one at 28 weeks, and another after i give birth, to prevent my blood from creating antibodies against my babies blood if it is rh+, which is definitely a possibility because dennis is a+, and so that could make any future pregnancies after this one very difficult/dangerous.

it is a really good thing that we go for another ultrasound on monday, where we hopefully will be able to find out the gender, because i am going crazy over here not knowing.

only recently has there been any sort of outward physical manifestation of what has been going on inside of me for the past few months. and when i say recently, i really mean very recent.

this was last friday afternoon...

and this is monday morning...

crazy right? 


with this recent development i decided it was about time that got a few items that will accommodate my changing figure. so after scouring kijiji for a few days i was able to score 7 pairs of mat. pants for 120 buckaroos. yep, that's right. score!

let's just hope that it doesn't take me another 2 months to get my butt back on here and post another update. 

Friday, September 28, 2012


today marks the first anniversary of this little blog of mine, yep one whole year.

i thought that this would be a good place to do some kind of "a year in review" post, but then i realized i don't even remember half of the stuff that happened last year. then i thought i could just do some links to my favorite past posts, but decided that if you really care enough you can just go back through the archives and look through them yourself. otherwise i would just feel like i am forcing you to go look at those other posts that maybe you don't even really care about, you know?

and then the light bulb in my brain suddenly turned on, and i thought to myself, this is my blog, it has my face right at the top and everything, i can do whatever i want with it. heck, i don't even use capital letters, and why? because i can that's why.

 so i'm saying to the trash with this 1 year review jibber jabber, i will just leave it at:

 the sun rose in the mornings, and then it set at night.
some days were hard, but for the most part pretty easy going.
we had lots of fun, with stretches of boring in between.
ventured out into the world, experienced new and exciting places, but for the most past stuck to the same old, same old.

that about sums it up right?


and thank goodness, because this coming year is really going to throw everything for a loop


if you really are wondering what my favorite post of this past year was, it was this one.

oh, and this one was pretty good too.

Monday, September 17, 2012

when we went to NYC!

i truly believe that there are a few select places in this world that everyone should experience at least one in their life, new york, for me was one of those places. anyone who has been there can attest to the energy (besides the outrageous humidity) that surrounds you right from the moment you step off the plane, and the feeling that this is someplace unique from anywhere else in the world.

we have all seen pictures, or caught glimpses of the city from the movies or t.v., but to stand on the sidewalk looking up at the unspeakably tall buildings, see the rush of people around you, hear the constant car horns honking at who really knows what, purchase some of the most delicious fruit off the street, and eat authentic new york pizza (seriously, my mouth is watering at the memory) is a whole different story.

i was just the luckiest girl in the whole world that week to travel with my hubby, who served his mission there, so it's like i had my very own tour guide! it really is just the best way to travel. with him navigating our way through the mind boggling transit system, and the busy streets i got to sit back and just enjoy everything around me. oh, and that time i just about got punched because of two guys fighting on the train was awesome too.

and what would be a trip to nyc without stopping in the bronx for dinner? yep, you better believe dennis took me walking through the bronx. after that i can honestly say...

1. i have never felt more white in my entire life


2. forest lawn? i will never be scared of that side of town again.

everyone has asked me what my favorite part of the trip was, and i have thought about this a lot, because seriously, how can you really pick just one thing? but after much deliberation i have come up with the answer

looking enough like an authentic new yorker that we were stopped by other people asking directions, what area of town we were in, and even what train will take them where.

i mean come on, how awesome is that? for those days i was't a tourist experiencing this amazing city for the first time. i was just someone who found myself someplace amazing, feeling right at home, and the rest of the world saw it.

the only down fall of that is, i was so busy pretending this was just my everyday life, and i always duck out in front of cars to get to the other side when the little pedestrian man is clearly telling me not to, that i didn't get near enough photos to help make the memories last.

i guess that just means i will have to go back, right?

how cute right?

i was especially exited to meet star of night at the museum's, rexy!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

i am learning

while dennis is away on another one of his field school trips (last ever!), i thought i had this whole being alone for weeks at a time thing down pat, but it turns out i don't. so over these past few days i have had time to discover a few things about myself that i didn't realize before, like...

... i am not good at cooking for just one person

... i have developed a bad habit of not looking at the gas gage, and filling up when it gets too low (dennis just always takes care of that). i was introduced to our gas light yesterday after work, oh ya, that was a fun ride, considering i had no idea how long it had been on for.

... it is not a good idea to ONLY eat a bowl of cucumbers and vinegar on an empty and overly sensitive stomach (this doesn't really have to do with den being gone, but still a good learning experience).

... i can't sleep more then two hours at a time without waking up wondering why i just face planted into the side table (there isn't another body there to stop me from moving over that far).

... everything i need around the house is always out of my arms reach (why do we put everything up high?)

... i suck at getting out of bed on my own, even though i really should have seen that one coming, because he has to hover over me almost every morning and tell me that i need to get up, now.

and lastly

... i'm not quite as independent as i used to be. because with him gone i feel like he took the part of me that i need to be a normal functioning human being.

here's to only one more week of walking around in a lonely daze.

oh and wish me luck with doing everyday normal things that keep me alive, like filling up the car with gas...

Monday, August 13, 2012

a few fun things...

this morning i was late for work because i was pulled over in a parking lot, with my body hanging out the side of the car prepping for the contents of my stomach to make a second appearance. good news, it didn't, just tormented me instead.

i can only eat mashed potatoes

and hamburger soup (thanks mom!)

i have to pee at exactly 2:45 every morning

i smell meat cooking, when everyone else smells something burning

i was weighed at the dr last week and i haven't gained any weight, which is amazing because i can't button up the majority of my pants anymore, and i have been eating like a cow.

grow baby grow!

oh and...

nyc in 21 days!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

today i looked in my rearview mirror and swore i saw prince william behind me

but then i saw that the chick in the passenger seat was a blonde, and last time i checked, katey m wasn't a blonde. so it obviously wasn't him.


i am technically able to park in the "expecting mothers" spot in parking lots now, which, i think is pretty nifty. but today i chose to leave it for someone who, you know, actually looks pregnant, and i parked three stalls down. i go into the store, grabbed a few groceries (oh perogies!) and as i'm walking out, who parks in said stall! some grey haired old bitty in a car older then me!

there are multiple reasons why this is wrong

1. i'm pretty sure she is waaaaaaaaaay past her expiration date, if you know what i mean. nothing expecting there, other then one giant car crash, you should have seen the way she flew into that spot!

2. SHE WAS RIGHT BESIDE THE HANDICAP PARKING STALL!!!! why are those things even there if these people won't park in them.

Monday, July 23, 2012

because i suck at keeping secrets

This little guy is going to turn me into a mama come march next year. 

we are so thrilled, and couldn't be more excited for these next few months, and years to come. 

so far no morning sickness! 
(knock on wood)

and we were able to hear the heart beat!

truly the most precious little sound i have ever heard. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

photo a day june

june was better

july will be best?

we will never know

because i'm going to quite while i'm ahead 

feel free to follow along still though


Thursday, June 28, 2012

you know. you know?

i know i trashed on jef a little bit last week, and so it seems only fair that arie gets to take a ride on "chelsea's train of judgement".

i mean it's only fair right?

let's dive right in shall we?

it really bugs me that he always seems to have acne just below his jaw line. yes, it is a really petty, and completely unimportant detail to get so hung up on. but really? can't someone get the guy some face wash, or even a few dabs of h2o2? no? well I know there has to be some makeup crew just off camera to make sure emily's lipstick stays intact after all the makin' those two do. soooo maybe lets cover them up? just a thought.

it also seems that each of the men on this season have some form of verbal diarrhea with a certain word or phrase.

arie's choice? "you know". after everything that he says he kind of nods his head a bit, and then pulls out the super intelligent "you know?"

really? that's all that you can come up with?

and emily always just seems to follow right along. is it just me, or does she seem to take on the traits of each guy that she is with. no wonder it seems like she is going to have such a rough time picking someone at the end of all of this.

oh boy, what a train wreck.

hmm... trains seem to be a popular theme with me lately.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


there are a few things that i need to clear up here


my guilty pleasure is the bachelor/bachelorette series

yes, yes i know. go ahead and judge me. because i kind of do, a little bit. oh heck, i hate myself for it somedays.


the title? all those strikes are the amount of times that the word "like" was used in a 1 minute conversation between jef (yes with only one "f") and emily.

i'm just not a fan of that man. boy? school boy? man-child? i dunno. definitely not someone that i think she should be with.

i mean can you imagine if they ended up together? any conversation they would have would just take forever! even just watching the conversations that take place between them now, i even leave them thinking "...what just happened... *blank stare*".

can't you just imagine their arguments?

oh heaven help us

i just wouldn't see it going any farther than this:

- you just like...
- why do you like...
- ugh it's just like..
- i just hate that like...
- when you like...

i think you get what i'm saying

and his hair?

well, all that i am going to say is... actually all i'm going to do is do a big ole eye squint and head tilt.

some people bite their tongue, i squint and tilt.

mostly because my tongue is too sore from all the biting.

Monday, June 11, 2012

the thing about bangs is...

i have this love hate relationship with bangs

i luv 'em, i really really do, they look good, some days even great! they help hide my widows peak that i am weirdly very self conscious of, and tame the multiple cowlicks i have along my hair line. it is also quite amazing how a nicely styled bang can turn any normal hair style into something super cute, likadee split.

but you know what? they make me want to blow my brains out every. single. morning.

or beat my own head with my hair brush.

yes, that has happened before.

it's the time that i have to invest to get them looking decent enough to go out into the world. and with this thick hair of mine, it really does take a good chunk of time to look like i didn't just stick my finger in the electric outlet before stepping out the door, and heaven knows what happens if i leave those suckers to their own devices, i may as well be welcomed into friz/flyaway/justplainwrong city. so just letting them be is completely out of the question.

i am currently in the process of growing these bangs of mine out, and what a long and painful process that is.

i can't tell you how many times i have looked at myself in the mirror and thought "all i need is a good pair of scissors and that would be it" (that could soooo be taken out of context hey?), and the thing is i knew this would happen.

that is why i had an action plan in place. i told dennis that no matter how much i begged and argued, that he was to restrain me from cutting my bangs by any means possible.

and this is probably the one and only time that i will ever say in the history of my entire life, but...

i hate that he listens to me.

which, now that i think about it, i also have a love hate relationship with...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

a name

well i did it!

i finally figured out a name for this here blog..

it took me a while, mostly because it took me a while to figure out what my purpose in starting in the first place, why i continue, and what i want out of it.

i want this to be a place for me to document our life together, what we do, where we go, and everything else that the future has in store for us.

i know that this is the second change in the past 8 months, but this is the last one.

i promise.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

if i were a shoe, i would be you!

you know, the weather these past few days has just been absolutely, well, crappy. 
i mean seriously, what was with that rain storm in the middle of the night last night? 
some people actually need to get some sleep every now and then ya know?

but then this afternoon the weather gods decided to take some pity on us water logged folk, and shed some big, beautiful rays of sunshine down on us. it only lasted for a few hours before the grey clouds crept their way back over us, but oh how glorious those hours were. 

so this afternoon, to take advantage of the sun, dennis and i decided to meet up for lunch. and as i was walking downtown taking in the fresh crisp air, ducking under (yes under) the tree branches to get around all the other people hogging the sidewalk, i couldn't help but think about all of the cute summer shoes that i wish i was wearing on my feet, rather than the big clunky boots i currently had on. 

oh, and the shoe gods know how much i love me a cute pair of shoes. especially ones that show off my freshly painted toes!

needless to say, shoes have been somewhere in the forefront of my mind ever since 2:30 this afternoon. 

most specifically these ones...

1. 2. 3. 
4. 5. 6. 

i'm sensing a pink theme.  

what do you think?

Friday, June 1, 2012

another change

i have been itching to change the format of my blog for a while now, and i have been trying a few things out. 

so for the next little bit please excuse the unfinished products that may be popping up here and there. 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

photo a day may

"so, here is the thing..."

"the thing is..."

"what is the thing?!"

can you name what popular tv show that quote is from?

ok, but seriously here is the thing

for the past few months i have been seeing these "photoaday(add whatever month)" challenges popping up here and there on instagram. as the beginning of may started to loom closely over my head, i decided that i would become part of the masses and start documenting one moment of each day in a predetermined and creative way.

"how hard could it be" i told myself, it was only one picture, of one thing, one day at a time.

oh how naive i was...

 do you see what is wrong with this picture?

there are 31 days in may, always have been, and always will. so if i do the math correctly that means there should be 31 pictures. right? right.

well there isn't. there is only 16. 16!

and what happened to the other 15 you ask?

i would venture a guess that they are probably hiding where ever my ability to totally commit to something is.

pa-thetic i tell ya

just pathetic


oh and that quote, it's from friends.

 the best thing to ever grace television in the entire history of the world.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

excuse me while i brag about my life

like every other wife on this planet i can rattle off a few things about my other half that quite frankly drive me absolutely bonkers, and about 50% of those would consist of things that happen while we are driving. i mean seriously how hard is it to shift into a higher gear when the car is revving so high it is crying out for a little mercy.

but in all actuality i have absolutely nothing to complain about. i count my blessings daily (ok, well maybe every other day) that dennis is the man that i chose to be sealed to for time, and all eternity. i know that i have been bragging a lot about my den lately, but seriously, this guy i tell ya, he is the type of man that every girl dreams of ending up with.

i'm not going to rattle off another list, even though i really could go on and on about all of the amazing things that he does for me, and all my craziness that he puts up with. but instead, i am going to take my time telling you about one very special thing that he did for me last friday.

and by all means feel free to be jealous, because i am of last friday me.

when i got home from work and walked through the door and dennis was busy cleaning up the kitchen, and packing a few things into some grocery bags, this was a bit shocking because i was fully expecting to come home and see him playing video games (a common sight lately). so that in itself was pretty amazing. he looks at me and asks if i am comfortable in what i am wearing, i am a bit puzzled by what he means, so he tells me to go upstairs and get changed into something i will be comfortable in for the rest of the evening. when i get upstairs, on our bed is a duffle bag and laying beside it a few different outfit options. it really is a testament to how well he knows me that he is able to pick out what he would call a "chelly approved" outfit, and that he would also have a few other outfits ready, because for some reason i like to change my mind about what i am wearing multiples times in one evening. so i change, pack my toiletry bag (he is still a little intimidated by packing that for me apparently), head back downstairs put my shoes on, and in less then twenty minutes we are back out the door. to were? i don't know!

we hop on 16 ave, and head towards the beautiful rocky mountains, just like every other person, their dog, and huge rv apparently.

drive dive drive, talk talk, and more talk.

when we get the banff east gate, instead of staying on the right hand side to drive on past, we get in line to go though the tole.

we are staying in banff!

dennis checked us into the banff park lodge, carried our bags up to our room, and made me fall in love with him a little bit more then i had 3 hours prior.

we spent a lovely evening strolling the streets of banff, stopping into the many gift shops that carry all of the same stuff, trying on jewelry. ate some of the best fajitas i have had in a while, drank way too much ginger ale, played in the swimming pool, and then relaxed together in the hot tub.

as an interesting side note, while we were sitting in the hot tub one of the guys that works at the front desk came in and informed us that after 9pm only adults over 18 are allowed in the pool, but it is ok since we were the only ones in there. now i know i look young, but really? dennis too? that's first.

saturday morning i slept in until well after 10 o'clock, and that is quite the achievement for me these days, while dennis caught up on sports (i think, but i was sleeping so what do i know) all i know is that i woke up to the scooby-doo theme song, which i had stuck in my head the rest of the day. 

after i had finally dragged my butt out of bed, dennis took me out for a nice breakfast, and then made me work off all the bacon i ate on a beautiful hike up to grassi lake. 

best. weekend. ever.

how lucky am i?