Monday, March 12, 2012

because of her

i remember sitting on a stool beside my grandmother as she sewed up a storm, and just watching her in utter amazement. 
she started me out slowly. at first, i sat on her lap holding the fabric under her sure hands, as we guided the fabric through together. then, i didn't need her hands anymore, but her feet still worked the pedal (it's not like i would have been able to reach anyway). 
but then, she handed me that piece of scrap fabric one day, told me i knew what to do, and i began to sew...

she bought me my very own machine when i was 13, and there are few things that have matched the excitement i felt that day. 

 from there i started out small, mostly pillows, pillow cases, doll clothes. i took a few home ec. classes in middle school, but nothing more beyond that. all that i know has come from her, and what i have been able to figure out along the way. 

i have now taken those basic skills and techniques that she taught me, have developed the confidence in my abilities to start taking on bigger and better projects, and i think if she were here she would be proud....

please excuse the massive photo explosion about to take place

dennis told me to do something different
so i threw my head back...

and then way down...

that makes sense right?

when i slip this new creation onto my body, i feel the warmth of her kiss on my cheek, hear her voice as she calls me her "chelsea dear", and once again feel her strong, sure hands on mine, guiding the fabric along.   

yes, i think she would be proud. 


  1. What a beautiful post, Chelsea. A wonderful tribute to you grandmother.

  2. Work it girl!! Awesome post. Great way to remember your grandma and use your talents:)

  3. this is such a sweet post. love grandmothers. and love that dress!