Thursday, January 26, 2012

my problem is

i know that isn't the best statement to leave so open ended, and i'm sure my parents could come up with a few zingers to finish it off. but never mind that, right now i want to talk about one of the major issues of being me.

so here is the thing, what happens when you have the tiny waist of a size 0, the huge thighs that come from years spent in the pool swimming competitively (seriously, this summer notice the thighs on the swimmers), and the legs of a midget? serious problems finding a pair of pants that fit! that's what happens.

i have dropped a lot of money on tailoring over the years due to this problem of mine, and i'm telling you it can be quite a headache. i have this one pair of pants, and i fell in love with them the moment i tried them on. it didn't even matter that they were more then $100, they were an investment. yes, an investment. the only thing was they were too long (story of my life), but no problem, i took them home to wash, then brought them right over to the tailors in south centre. i was so anxious to get them back that i paid the extra whatever to get them done in a rush, i just wanted those jeans on my body. so i get them back the next day, and when i put them on they were still waaaaaaay to long, WHAT?! i couldn't believe it. i'm still not even sure they even hemmed anything. but it was summer so i was able to just cuff them and go on my merry way. well i did that for a while, but then when winter came and cuffing them just wasn't an option anymore, i would just wear then with boots, but have you ever had to bunch up jeans around your ankle in boots? can you say uncomfortable? i can, and it was. so this past winter i found a tailor in our area of the city to fix this problem. oh the dreams i had of the day i could wear those jeans as is, no cuffing, no srinching, just me and my perfect fitting jeans. but that dream was not meant to come true, i tried them on and they were too short, TOO SHORT that should never happen in my world, NOTHING is ever too short on my body. oh and as an added bonus one leg is shorter then the other. awesome. and so i'm back to cuffing them up, but at least they fit better into boots.

i had given up on getting anything hemmed for a while after that.

but then last night, since i was banished from the kitchen (that's where dennis was studying, apparently i'm "too distracting", oh please) i was upstairs looking at the bin of things i have set aside to do something with, things like taking the fringe on some scarves off, sweaters to sew the buttons back onto, when i found two pairs of cords that i can't even remember the last time i wore, due to the fact (surprise surprise) that they are too long.

so they went from this

to this

see what i mean about the thighs?

and they didn't even cost me a penny

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