Tuesday, December 13, 2011

what makes me laugh

one day i was at work, a day a long time ago, it was late summer i believe. that's not the point though. while i was at work i heard my phone chime in my desk drawer, i used to not be able to tell if it was a email chime, tm chime, fbook alert chime (or any other chime) because of the muffle that is caused by the fact my phone is in a drawer. that problem has now long since been solved. that's also not the point, but in itself is a good point, it's really handy know the different chimes.

so, my phone chimed, i looked at it, it was from dennis. he doesn't email me all that often, so i thought it was something possibly important, i opened the message and all it says is "read from the bottom". so i scroll down, all the way to the bottom, when i got there i found a picture of what appeared to be a form of some kind. i started to read it, went up to the next, and then up to the next, i kept going until i caught myself reaching up to wipe away the tears that were forming from my laughter.

i was going through some pictures on my phone tonight when i came across those images in the email that i had saved. they put a smile on my face again, and i'm sure it will do the same to anyone else who reads them.

here's a few of my favorites


i don't know exactly where this came from, or where it originated, it was some kind of chain mail that has found it's way to den. basically i don't know where, or who to give the appropriate credit, but i would if i could. 


  1. Bahaha! I remember this. You know - this would be an excellent skit to reinact sometime...oooh the seeds are planted and an idea is forming! Stay tuned...

  2. i think i see where you are going with this, and i like it.