Sunday, December 11, 2011

what i did

this past summer, i think it was august, dennis and i were outside taking out the trash or something, and standing right next to a "no scavenging" sign was this tall beauty, it just screamed "i'm so useful". i looked at it, and thought you know what coat rack, you are so useful! you belong in my house. so i picked up that coat rack taller then myself, carried it triumphantly up three flights of stairs, down two very long hallways, and it was mine.

this was what it looked like fresh off the street...

street coat rack wasn't my favorite look, so i decided it needed a bit of a revamping.

and so this is what i did...

i took off all the hooks, and sanded all the dark stain off as much as i could.
it sat outside for a few months while i finished my cross stitch.
then i brought it inside, and apologized profusely for neglecting it.
once we made up i got back to work.

it took me a while to decide what i wanted to do colour wise, i cycled through a lot of ideas. but eventually i decided what i wanted.

on saturday i spray painted the hooks outside on the porch.

once it got too dark outside i brought them in to dry, and went upstairs to paint.
notice the plant pot? i used the soil to hold the screws upright so i could spray paint them. genius!

street curb, to a nice warm corner in our little home. not too bad.

next? moving all those bags onto the rack. 

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  1. oooh, I'm so very impressed! What talent you have! And how happy the street coat rack must to be beautified and have a warm corner of your home to call it's own. It may regret it, tho, once the weight of all those bags are on it's shoulders...