Wednesday, December 28, 2011

back at it

today has been torture
it's my first day back at work after a week long vacation, which was magical. what isn't magical is waking up to your alarm clock, not being able to turn it off, snuggle into the little space between dennis' slightly outstretched arm, and the side of his body (which for future reference if ever needed, i call the armpit crevice)  and then fall whimsically back to sleep. nope, didn't happen, almost, but no.

instead i had to get up before the rise of the sun, rush to get ready, because remember i almost gave in, and head out the door. one bonus is that there were no cars on the road this morning, none! once at work i was greeted by 53 emails, all needing to be responded to right away, i don't even know how many voice mails, and stacks of paper work to be sorted through, and then decided what needs to be dealt with and when. but who am i kidding that kind of sounds like any regular day, i was just out of practice.

slow and steady was the game today.... but i just don't want to be playing at all.

currently i am...


this actually pretty accurately depicts how i am feeling. focused on what i am doing, everything else just sort of seems like a blur. except when i stop and think for a second, it all goes away and 5 minutes have passed without a single remembrance of what just happened.

but the up side?
everyone except myself had vacated the office by two o'clock. this gives me a chance to put my ipod on as loud as it can go, and listen to some of the new music i got for christmas.

but when i get home i am looking forward to having a cup of this...

this is the best hot chocolate ever, ever! den bought me some of their vanilla bean hot choc mix the other day, i think it might be time to crack that sucker open.

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