Friday, December 30, 2011

Bantu Buns

i have been trying to find different ways of styling my hair, but require the most minimal amount of work to get there. i am very much a wash and wear type of girl, but i have been feeling like i need to step it up lately, because i do know that with added effort i am a lot better looking (funny how that happens) and who doesn't want to be just a tad better looking right? to say that my mother was happy to hear me admit my latest decision would be a huge understatement. her exact words were "i have been telling you that for years!" which is true, she has. 

and so i have been surfing the internet, and by that i mean pinterest, looking at all the beautiful hairdos that i'm sure took way more time than i am willing to put into my hair. but then i came upon a few pictures of the type of curls that i do have, but only come out with some effort to get there, and effort takes time, remember reducing the time and effort is the key here. so from there i started to look into quick ways to curl my hair and with some help from a few other pinteresters... pinters... pinners (?) (i think the last one is the best) i decided i would try and put some bantu buns in my hair. 

i first did this for dennis' family christmas ever party, and it turned out pretty well, i didn't take any pictures of it, i am not wishing i had because it rocked! i did have to blow it dry after i took them out, because my hair holds moisture like it gets paid to, and helped it out with the curling iron. i am not opposed to those extra helpers, i just wanted to try and get the look a bit more low maintenace. so i decided next time i would shower at night, put product in my hair and take it out in the morning. 

well let me tell you, it work. a little more then i had expected it would. 

brace yourself....

i think i look like my mom in this picture, it's not a bad thing, she just has short curly hair. i will definitely be doing this again, after i got over the shock of my new do i enjoyed playing around with it, and all the new possibilities of thing i can do with shorter uber curly hair, rather then my long hair. but i will say this, i am glad this isn't what i have to deal with every morning.

so this last time i made didn't put product in my hair, and i made thicker buns, or less buns, whatever way you want to look at it. 

now this on the other hand, i don't mind one bit. 

and it only took me 5 minutes, yes!

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  1. I love the look of your hair in the fourth picture, those wavy curls really work for you :)
    I also like the headband, nice touch :)