Friday, December 23, 2011

let there be light!

i love our little apartment, what sold me on it in the first place was the warm, homey feel you have when you are here.i don't know exactly what it is, maybe the shade of beige the walls, the earth tones that are everywhere, maybe the two over sized, out of this world comfortable couches your butt has ever had the privilege to site upon, possibly a combination of all three and some more. it's definitely a place i love to come home to, i just feel happy.

but nothing is perfect, our little nest has it's downfalls.

this thing called winter we are going through has a nasty side affect other then cold, snow, ice, car crashes, stress, ahhh... you know how it goes. i think this is what i hate most about winter, shorter days, less light, leaving for work in the dark, AND coming home in the dark, awful. that big yellow thing in the sky just doesn't seem to want to come out and see the light of day. (that's funny cuz the sun is what gives us the light of day, ha!). seriously, i think i am just as excited for dec. 21st as i am for the 25th.

if you have ever been in our living room around sunset, or soon thereafter you know how dark it gets in here, and how quickly, it happens so fast sometimes i swear i start seeing spots while my eyes are trying to adjust to the lack of light. so far we have only had one lamp in the room, and unfortunatly i chose one for the pretty factor it has, and not for functionality. it is a gorgeous lamp, i mean, i did personally pick it off the shelf at homesence.but the shade hardly lets out any light, it's more of a redish glow, that only makes it the armrests of the couches on either side. no bueno.

well don't worry beacause this problem has been fixed! we took a trip to ikea on wednesday to finally rescue our eyes from over exherting themselves while trying to look at anything after 4:30pm.

here is out new floor lamp peaking out from around our fat christmas tree. this guy works wonders!

we also got some lamps for our bedroom. you know the movie p.s. i love you? ok well if you don't go watch it now! oh and bring a box of tissues.but if you have... well you know the turning off the light, then running into things problem they had, we totaly had the same problem. it was a frustrating situation to be in. well there will be no more stubbing toes in our house, because we have lamps, and we l.o.v.e. them!

atleast it can only keep on getting better right?

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