Thursday, December 29, 2011

thank you sewing machine

for christmas dennis bought me these babies

*que angelic sounds of joy and praise*

i am in love with them, maybe even a little obsessed considering i have been wearing them almost everyday since.

But then this thing happened, i started thinking about all the things up in my closet that i can wear with them (and that is a lot, plus they are brown boots, they go with everything!), and i realized i needed another pair of skinny jeans. yes need. i looked over at dennis playing video games, and stated "dennis i need another pair of jeans", right away he paused his game, paused! this never happens, i swear a bomb could go off and he would never know it. anyway, he paused the game, and just looked at me, a look that said "you don't need another anything!" which is actually true, i'll be the first to admit i have a lot of clothes. but the boots! they are just screaming at me that a new pair of jeans will solve all of my wardrobe problems.

cut to later on that day.
i was upstairs in my closet trying to stuff some of the freshly washed, and folded jeans into the shelf i keep my jeans on, and to my utter dismay they wouldn't fit! maybe i really don't need any more jeans? nonsense. i took them all out, sure that if i just refolded all of them they will all fit, yes! that will do the trick. so there i am folding all my jeans and i come across a pair of rock&republics that had obviously been at the bottom of the pile for a while, since i forgot i even had them, and it hit me! i really don't need to go out and buy another pair, dennis will be so happy.

and so i turned these...

into these...

my boots, and dennis, both thank me

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  1. Haha! Hurray for ingenuity and sewing machines! And new boots to inspire it all :)