Wednesday, May 23, 2012

excuse me while i brag about my life

like every other wife on this planet i can rattle off a few things about my other half that quite frankly drive me absolutely bonkers, and about 50% of those would consist of things that happen while we are driving. i mean seriously how hard is it to shift into a higher gear when the car is revving so high it is crying out for a little mercy.

but in all actuality i have absolutely nothing to complain about. i count my blessings daily (ok, well maybe every other day) that dennis is the man that i chose to be sealed to for time, and all eternity. i know that i have been bragging a lot about my den lately, but seriously, this guy i tell ya, he is the type of man that every girl dreams of ending up with.

i'm not going to rattle off another list, even though i really could go on and on about all of the amazing things that he does for me, and all my craziness that he puts up with. but instead, i am going to take my time telling you about one very special thing that he did for me last friday.

and by all means feel free to be jealous, because i am of last friday me.

when i got home from work and walked through the door and dennis was busy cleaning up the kitchen, and packing a few things into some grocery bags, this was a bit shocking because i was fully expecting to come home and see him playing video games (a common sight lately). so that in itself was pretty amazing. he looks at me and asks if i am comfortable in what i am wearing, i am a bit puzzled by what he means, so he tells me to go upstairs and get changed into something i will be comfortable in for the rest of the evening. when i get upstairs, on our bed is a duffle bag and laying beside it a few different outfit options. it really is a testament to how well he knows me that he is able to pick out what he would call a "chelly approved" outfit, and that he would also have a few other outfits ready, because for some reason i like to change my mind about what i am wearing multiples times in one evening. so i change, pack my toiletry bag (he is still a little intimidated by packing that for me apparently), head back downstairs put my shoes on, and in less then twenty minutes we are back out the door. to were? i don't know!

we hop on 16 ave, and head towards the beautiful rocky mountains, just like every other person, their dog, and huge rv apparently.

drive dive drive, talk talk, and more talk.

when we get the banff east gate, instead of staying on the right hand side to drive on past, we get in line to go though the tole.

we are staying in banff!

dennis checked us into the banff park lodge, carried our bags up to our room, and made me fall in love with him a little bit more then i had 3 hours prior.

we spent a lovely evening strolling the streets of banff, stopping into the many gift shops that carry all of the same stuff, trying on jewelry. ate some of the best fajitas i have had in a while, drank way too much ginger ale, played in the swimming pool, and then relaxed together in the hot tub.

as an interesting side note, while we were sitting in the hot tub one of the guys that works at the front desk came in and informed us that after 9pm only adults over 18 are allowed in the pool, but it is ok since we were the only ones in there. now i know i look young, but really? dennis too? that's first.

saturday morning i slept in until well after 10 o'clock, and that is quite the achievement for me these days, while dennis caught up on sports (i think, but i was sleeping so what do i know) all i know is that i woke up to the scooby-doo theme song, which i had stuck in my head the rest of the day. 

after i had finally dragged my butt out of bed, dennis took me out for a nice breakfast, and then made me work off all the bacon i ate on a beautiful hike up to grassi lake. 

best. weekend. ever.

how lucky am i?

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  1. hahahaha! So many things to comment on! but most of all - you're 16 again!! and kudos to dennis for thinking of so many details.