Wednesday, June 6, 2012

if i were a shoe, i would be you!

you know, the weather these past few days has just been absolutely, well, crappy. 
i mean seriously, what was with that rain storm in the middle of the night last night? 
some people actually need to get some sleep every now and then ya know?

but then this afternoon the weather gods decided to take some pity on us water logged folk, and shed some big, beautiful rays of sunshine down on us. it only lasted for a few hours before the grey clouds crept their way back over us, but oh how glorious those hours were. 

so this afternoon, to take advantage of the sun, dennis and i decided to meet up for lunch. and as i was walking downtown taking in the fresh crisp air, ducking under (yes under) the tree branches to get around all the other people hogging the sidewalk, i couldn't help but think about all of the cute summer shoes that i wish i was wearing on my feet, rather than the big clunky boots i currently had on. 

oh, and the shoe gods know how much i love me a cute pair of shoes. especially ones that show off my freshly painted toes!

needless to say, shoes have been somewhere in the forefront of my mind ever since 2:30 this afternoon. 

most specifically these ones...

1. 2. 3. 
4. 5. 6. 

i'm sensing a pink theme.  

what do you think?

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