Wednesday, May 9, 2012

and... i'm back, kinda

these past few months have been...


that is about the best way to sum it all up.

mentally, emotionally, not so much physically, but at times it seemed like it.

the short of a long story is that, i have been planning an event for the owner of the company that i work for.

it was a long process, with only a few almost heart attacks along the way. but this past saturday (more specifically early sunday morning)  it all came to an end. one heck of a party hoppin' end.

so instead of going into much more detail of this process, i would much rather show you the fruit of my labor.

looking back i wish i had taken pictures while the party was going on, because let me tell you the millionaires of this great city of calgary sure know how to party. but then that moment passes, and i remember how much fun it was partying along with them. 


as much fun as i had, i am so glad that it is done. 
i am still getting used to not constantly thinking about it. worrying about what i have to do tomorrow, or the next day, week.. etc. 
but i am slowly getting used to what it feels like to have my brain back to me, slowly

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