Thursday, May 17, 2012

it's hammer time

for the past year my laptop has been slowly losing it's magic, pizazz, gusto... you get the idea. it has been a sad, and drawn out process, which is really too bad because i loved my sony right down to it's once upon a time long lasting battery pack.

i really don't think that i was asking too much out of it. i mean all i wanted was for it to be functional, and by functional i mean stuff like actually turn on when i press the on button, don't just randomly shut down while i am in the middle of important business like online shopping, and every once and a while save the music and pictures that i uploaded, downloaded, any type of loaded really.

 is that too much to ask?

well apparently it was. 

so this past mother's day, which we refer to as wife's day (but to be honest, with dennis almost everyday is wife's day in our house) dennis bought me a new laptop, to be more specific a macbook pro. holaaaaaaaa

if you ask me,  he was really just getting tired of listening to some of the profanity coming from my mouth while dealing with my laptop, and at a volume not acceptable while living in an apartment complex. not that our neighbours would really care though, they are the type to be best friends with mary jane all summer long, if you know what i mean (you know what i mean right?).

my laptop and i, we had a good run, and enjoyed some pretty good online tv watching (when it would stay connected to the internet long enough), but i can't say that i will miss it. 

i considered giving it to someone that didn't mind dealing with some of these little (hah!) malfunctions, but then i quickly realized that i needed to get some kind of compensation for the moments of extremely high blood pressure it put me through. 

and so it is my great pleasure to show you a little picture show of what i like to call.....


i hope you enjoyed that, because i know i sure did. 

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