Monday, February 6, 2012

it's monday

so you know what that means?
it means that the weekend is over, done, kaput (is kaput really even a word?).
sunday nights are always a little depressing for me, because that means the next morning i can't sleep in until i can't sleep anymore. i can't lounge around for as long as i want until i feel it absolutely necessary to get in the shower, and even then i may not even completely get ready for the rest of the day. i can't spend hours upon hours on the internet mindlessly passing time by, oh wait, i can do that at work (sometimes).

now i don't do this every weekend, it is just nice to have the option to do it if i ever wanted to. but this past saturday was turning out to be one of those "i haven't done a thing, and it is already 4:00 pm" kind of days. but all that was put to a jerking halt when dennis came home from reffing 5 games (that is a lot of running around people) and declared "get dressed because i am taking you out", and to that i said OK.

instead of telling you what we did

i will just show you, so here..

looks like fun right? that's because it was. 

and all the credit goes to dennis for getting my lazy butt out of the house. 

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