Monday, February 13, 2012

it happened

well i had a pretty good streak going, but sadly it all came to an end this morning.

for the first time since dennis placed my beautiful engagement ring on my finger, i forgot to put it back on in the morning after getting ready for the day.

and i feel completely naked without it.

i have also been experiencing temporary moments of panic when... thumb goes to twist it around my ring finger, like i do absentmindedly about a million times a day. but when all it finds is soft skin, instead of the hard metal the world all but almost ends.

...i wash my hands (i normally take my ring off and place it beside the sink, or hold it between my lips) and i can't find my ring to put it back on my finger.

... put lotion on my hands

.... use the hand sanitizer

... look down at my hand to stare at my ring (yes i still do that) and find it not there. that is normally when i proceed to go back through the lists of what i did that day, until i realize nope, it is at home on the dresser.

you get the idea

it has almost been two years, so i think i have done pretty good

well i guess tomorrow i am all the way back to day 1

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