Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the same, but different

a common phrase that i heard coming from the mouths of my parents growing up was "you are just like your mother", or "you are just like your father". sometimes they couldn't even come to an agreement on who i really belonged to, and would lay blame on each other for whose genetics were responsible for my actions at the moment.

but this i know for sure,

my mother is responsible for:
- my fair skin (andrew and cass got my dad's dark, easily tanned skin)
- my road rage (mom, you know what i mean)
- only being able to describe something as being "stupid" if it just won't work for me
-  my matchy matchy nature. to this day i can't bring myself to wear a blue t-shirt and jeans, the blues just don't match!
-always having an opinion about something, i may just not want to share my opinion
- all of the furniture in my living room, ha!

my father is responsible for:

-my thick, dark hair (most days, i thank you)
- my ever changing eye colour
- my twisted sarcastic nature that most people don't really get, other then him.
- chicken scratch like hand writing
- ability to sit and read a book for hours on end
- all my handy man skills, that quite frequently surprise dennis.

i could go on

but there is a major part of who i am that is uniquely my own. it is something that i definitely did not inherit from either of my parents, and none of my siblings really have this quality about them. my parents even thought that me and my sister sharing a room would cure me, but it had the opposite affect, it rubbed off instead, causing her to take on this trait for a short time as well. but it's ok, she got her own room when andrew moved out, so the world is back on it's proper course again.

this ladies and gentlemen would be...

my absolute hate for cleaning

yep, that's right

cleaning, a curse that you would think had been sent to me straight from hell. we go together like oil and water. like i said, i don't know where it came from, both of my parents are very clean people, my mom maybe more so then my dad with most things, but man, he sure can get your car cleaner, and and white shirt whiter then the day you first bought them.

cleaning has just never been my strong suit, since being married though i have gotten a lot better. i normally clean about one room a day after i get home from work, but it is usually just a quick once over. i get the essentials done on a weekly basis, but maybe not as much as others would. please don't think my home is a pig sty, it really isn't. maybe my mom just set the bar really high, yeah, let's go with that.

but there is something else that goes along with this little trait. about every few months, all of those dormant cleaning impulses that have been laying low all of a sudden wake up, and shout out "i gotta clean!"  

and so i clean

i clean like a horse with blinders on, and i don't stop until i have reached the end.

this past saturday was one of those days. it helps that we have a fairly small apartment, so it only take a few hours to thoroughly clean from top to bottom.

i am now wishing that i had taken picture of what it looked like after we were done, because it sure isn't going to look like that again for another few months.

i love the feeling that comes with a clean home, it almost makes me think that i should just clean more frequently, so it feels like this more often.


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