Monday, October 29, 2012

bump thump, poke prod

the first time it happened was about 3 weeks ago, i was sitting at my desk doing something... could have been work, also could not have been, who really knows.

i had been experiencing muscle/ nerve spasms on the right side of my lower abdomen, and i remember thinking it was really weird, because i never get them there, it's usually around my eye lid, or lip, but nothing to call home about. i didn't pay much more attention to it, until all of a sudden it wasn't just on the right side anymore. there was a distinct sensation of something rolling from the right side of my belly right into the center. now that was different.

i told dennis i thought i was starting to feel him move, i even told my mom. but i really wasn't totally sure, and didn't want to start announcing it to the world, then turn around and be like "oh sorry guys, it was just gas".

everyone tries to tell you what those first movements will feel like, some say "it feels like little flutters in your stomach", or "it's kinda like hunger pains rolling across your belly". looking back, those are all understandable explanations, but you know what? it really just feels like there is a tiny littler person inside of you tumbling, and bumping around.

i have noticed he starts really bouncing around whenever i eat or drink anything fruity, most of all raspberries and cranberry juice. and just before we go to sleep at night he likes to put on a show for dennis, which he is now been able to feel!

i am feeling my little guy move around more and more everyday, and love the constant reminder that he is with me everywhere i go.


tomorrow i hit my 22 week mark. can you believe that i am over halfway done, and only have roughly 18 more weeks until i get to hold this little person in my arms? yea, me either.

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