Friday, November 2, 2012

i needed a change

a while ago i wrote about my absolute need for change in my life. well big surprise, those feelings had recently started creeping up on me again. but this time i didn't let it get the point of completely melting down in a corner not knowing what to do with myself.

no, this time i did something about it.

i cut my hair, all of it, right off.

it is something that i have talked about doing for a while, and i finally worked up the courage to just go do it.

i have never considered myself someone totally attached to my long thick hair, after all it grows back, and boy does mine ever grow fast. however, i will admit i was having a panic attack all saturday morning leading up to the appointment.  

but i was determined, and knew that if i didn't i'm sure at some point i will regret it. 

so i walked in the salon, put my trust in the lady with the scissors, and watched it all drop to the floor. 

goodbye hair, see you in about oh... 3-5 years? i have a feeling this is going to stick around for a while. 

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