Wednesday, October 17, 2012

baby E will be...

a boy!!!!

i wish i had more/better pictures to show of our little guy, but the cd burner at the clinic wasn't working... bah! so until they get their butts in gear over there, we are stuck with this picture of a picture. 

at least he is smiling for us right?

actually he was yawning, but i prefer to think that he is just so happy hanging around with me all day that he can't help but constantly be smiling away. 

over the past months i never really had a sense of what our baby was going to be, so it truly was a surprise when our tech told us it was a boy. actually, what she said was "now there is always a slight chance that we are wrong, but it's a boy, definitely a boy".

now i can finally start sewing up a storm for my little man's arrival! 

only 20 more weeks to go, march can't come quick enough!

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