Wednesday, October 24, 2012

how to find new people to follow on pinterest

some may just stick to people they know

others like to branch out, and follow thousand upon thousands of people they don't even know.

me? just as in real life, i tend to be very particular with who i choose to dedicate any kind of attention to in my social media relationships.

when it comes to fbook, i strictly only friend people who i know, have met at some point in my life, and would actually have a conversation with if the opportunity ever presented itself. but as life carries on people change, grow apart, become involved in other things, and have different interests. so for these reasons i feel it is important to do a thorough clean up of my friends list every now and then, to make sure that i still feel comfortable sharing my personal information, pictures, comments, and these ever important blog posts with those people.

that being said, when it comes to those i choose to follow on pinterest, i actually like to branch out of my immediate circle of acquaintances. i have found that if i only stick with friends, and friends of friends, then i am constantly being barraged my doubles and triples of the same pin, and i just really don't need that. by widening my scope to include those that i don't know, i am able to see a bit of a broader range of what pinterest has to offer me (but being realistic, it's all the same crap anyway). because i am interested in a lot more then just seeing outfits that are totally unrealistic (oh my word don't even get me started), what your dream wedding day will look like, 100 different ways to braid your hair, and makeup tutorials that lets face it, will almost put you in the poor house trying to first purchase all the different products needed.

but how do you know who is worth your precious pinning time, when you really don't know any of these people? well i feel like i have finally come up with a system that will allow me to glimpse, if only for one short moment, into the inner thinking's of another person, and help me answer the determining question "if i were to meet this person, would we actually be able to have a conversation?"

and so i give you...

"how to find new people to follow on pinterest"
(with pictures and everything!)

first, go to the popular page

second, find a pin that you think is funny/interesting/intriguing/informative/etc.

third, scroll through comments, and find the retard that just had to say something dumb about it
fourth, continue to scroll through until you find the person who calls the retard out on the aforementioned dumb comment.
fifth, follow

now, i'm not saying that this system will work for everyone. but i have to say, i have yet to be disappointed.


  1. hahaha!! you're hilarious :)

  2. You are hilarious. I love this post... pictures and all.