Thursday, June 28, 2012

you know. you know?

i know i trashed on jef a little bit last week, and so it seems only fair that arie gets to take a ride on "chelsea's train of judgement".

i mean it's only fair right?

let's dive right in shall we?

it really bugs me that he always seems to have acne just below his jaw line. yes, it is a really petty, and completely unimportant detail to get so hung up on. but really? can't someone get the guy some face wash, or even a few dabs of h2o2? no? well I know there has to be some makeup crew just off camera to make sure emily's lipstick stays intact after all the makin' those two do. soooo maybe lets cover them up? just a thought.

it also seems that each of the men on this season have some form of verbal diarrhea with a certain word or phrase.

arie's choice? "you know". after everything that he says he kind of nods his head a bit, and then pulls out the super intelligent "you know?"

really? that's all that you can come up with?

and emily always just seems to follow right along. is it just me, or does she seem to take on the traits of each guy that she is with. no wonder it seems like she is going to have such a rough time picking someone at the end of all of this.

oh boy, what a train wreck.

hmm... trains seem to be a popular theme with me lately.

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