Thursday, March 29, 2012

to do, now that i'm twenty two

i don't believe in new years resolutions.
i am what some might call a commitment phobe.
aside from marriage, committing to almost anything is a little out of my comfort zone.
i like to have a plan, but not a regime.
as a result, i have a really hard time wrapping my head around the whole new years resolution concept. just because it is a new year, that means i have to up and change the way i have been living my life for all these years? (i know that is a little extreme) it just doesn't sit well with me.
what i normally like to do is set what i guess you could call "accountability goals".

basically, around the time of my birthday i like to take a moment, or a few days, and think about the year that has just past. what did i do/ accomplish? did i live up to my potential? what would i have done differently? am i kicking myself in the butt for not doing something that life threw right in front of my face, but i chose to look the other way? that kind of thing.

then i do a complete 180, and look forward to the year to come. What are some major things i would like to accomplish, whether that be progressing on a current skills that i have, or going out on a huge limb and developing something completely from scratch. i go over relationships that i have, are there some that i want to continue to grow, or any that have run their course, and now time to let go of a little bit? do i need to let my guard down a bit with some people to show them i'm really not a sourpuss? (that would be a big yes!) work, am i growing and learning where i am at? what can i do to expand my knowledge base, and make me more marketable? i think you get where i am going with this.

now with all that in mind, i think it is important when setting any kind of goal to keep a huge sense of reality in mind, which is where the "accountability" comes into the picture. everyone is different, and we are all at different stages of their lives, with our own unique situations. my life is completely different compared to many of the other 22 year old girls that i know, and therefor i am going to have certain expectations for myself that they wouldn't. so i need to look at my life separate from what other people around me are doing, and focus on what I need to be doing in MY life. not see what others are doing, and try to match them.

for instance, i could set the goal of getting up a half hour earlier in the morning to go exercise, but realistically i would rather stay in bed and cuddle with my husband (he is only a morning cuddler), and so i am not even going to set myself up to fail at that one. but where i falter, others may flourish, and good on them.    

and so, as i approach my one week mark of being this ripe old age of 22, i am starting to formulate some goals, and expectations for myself over this next year. many of them i think are going to be fairly big, and push me a bit farther out of my comfort zone, which to be honest is quite small.
i am a bit intimidated, but ready.
i think.

don't expect to see any lists popping up on here though. because well... that is just too much commitment.

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