Sunday, April 8, 2012

the day i became a real adult

when i walked up to the counter and proclaimed i wanted to get in on this costco business, i fully expected the extremely pregnant lady to look me up and down, give me the confused look that i get sometimes, as if to say "i'm sorry, but how old are you?" 

but lo and behold there wasn't a single quizzical look to be had. so either she is just too pregnant to have a correct sense of reality, or maybe, just maybe i really am old enough to be considered an adult, and be allowed to become a "gold star member" of anything. 

so last saturday i woke up a 22 year old girl.

but i went to bed a 22 year old women. 

funny though... i woke up a girl again. maybe it takes a few shopping trips to make it stick.  

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