Thursday, March 22, 2012

smells like fish? avoid it like the plague

today, dennis texted me.
now this normally gives me much delight and fills my soul with happiness, because lately texts from him have been few and far between due to his high work/stress load that comes with the end of school exams and such. but this time all the excitement that had built up quickly came crumbling down because all the conversation entailed was...

d: it smells funky in the apartment, but i don't know what it is

 (it didn't smell funky when i left for work this morning, so it has to be something he did, right? right!)

me: like garbage?

d: no like fish

i am now terrified to go home

i hate fish people. alive, dead, the smell, their creepy little beady eyes, just the thought of them sends chills up my spine. ironically i love to fish. maybe because i'm not a "catch and release" kind of girl, i'm more of a "you were dumb enough to bite the worm randomly dangling just below the surface of the water , and now you will pay for it" type of fisherman.

and now, because of this fishy fear of mine, swimming in lakes has become a source of panic for me, which is really quite ridiculous, especially because i am a swimmer. but just think about it, you know they are there, but you can't see them! there is nothing more terrifying to me than knowing that those slimy little suckers could be swimming around, or just under my feet and not know it. and heaven help me if i actually see the shadow of one through the murky water.

i'm not exactly sure where this aversion to fish first started, but i have a sneaky suspicion that it has something to do with the dulse that my mom used to eat growing up. if you dont know what dulse is exactly, i envy you. it's dried out seaweed! how grose is that? first, my mom is like one of the pickiest eaters known to man, yet she eats seaweed, something just doesn't match up for me there. do you eat weeds that grow in your garden? no. do you drink sea water? no! so why would you eat it? you shouldn't.

sea food in general i am not a fan of. you would think that 4 years of living in nova scotia would have taken me out of my comfort zone a little bit, but no, if anything it just made me more "anti-fishy".

now that's not to say i haven't tried to eat some, because i have. i always say that before i completely write something off, i will try it, and make sure i really don't like it, with the exception of a few things, i mean eye balls should never be eaten, i don't care if it is considered a delicacy. i will even test a some things out a few years down the road, just to make sure i still hate it. and as proof i have recently discovered that i now love bananas. but olives, those things are still just as nasty as ever.

so, here is what i will eat

salmon, heavily season, or dowsed in lemon juice.
lobster is tolerable, soaked in vinegar.
shrimp, covered in any kind of dipping sauce
tuna, only in a handmade sandwich made by my grandmother, so i guess there won't be anymore of those.

but that is about it

and you know what? i am completely fine with that

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