Wednesday, March 7, 2012

thinking out loud

if you know me, i mean really know me, you know that i have an opinion when it comes to most things (remember? if not check here).but if you are one of those who don't know me all that well, you probably think i am a pretty quiet person. if you would consider yourself as part of the later group, well you're in for a taste of what those close to me have to deal with, and who knows, maybe it will help sway your decision of if you want to be part of the former group.

there are many things about this world that we live in that quite frankly just confuse me, it's like common sense has just gone out the window or something. but lately there has been something at the forefront of my mind, a trend that i am quiet frankly completely confused by, and that is fashion blogging. if you don't know what that is well... maybe google it and take a look at some? i just don't get what is going through some of these girls brains when they are putting their outfits together. now don't get me wrong there are a few blogs that i have come across that in my opinion, are hitting the nail right on the head, but for the most part after scrolling through some blogs, and after witnessing what these women have actually worked up the nerve to walk out of their own homes wearing, i am left with a big ole ? i mean really, have you seen some of the things that these chicks are pairing together and calling it fashionable? for their sake i really hope they, the whole lot of them, are colour blind or something, because sister, that horizontal stripped shirt does not go with those leopard print pants, just throwing on a fur vest doesn't magically mean you are making a "high fashion" statement, and mustard yellow? contrary to popular belief, does not go with everything. no, just no...

now i know this is coming from a person that can't comfortably wear a blue t-shirt with jeans (remember, the blues don't match!), so i am sure there are a few things that i might look at and think "um... really?" that others think is just fine, but that's just because those other people are also colour blind. ha! just kidding.

and what is with this ghetto/hippy/homeless look that everyone seems to be trying to perfect? while killing some time on my pick-me-up website, Pinterest You Are Drunk i came across this post



i look at her and just think "oh honey, what truck hit you this morning?"

i know that when it comes to fashion in this day and age there really are no rules anymore, redheads are no longer ridiculed for wearing pink, it is ok to wear white after labor day, and as previously mentioned, every colour and pattern under the sun can be paired together.

but you know what? rules are rules for a reason, and they are meant to be followed, until the end of time. ok so maybe that is a little extreme about the whole red hair and pink thing, and white is just tricky any time you wear it, but the colour/ pattern mixing? that should never be done. ever


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