Friday, September 20, 2013

but first, we must pack

soooooo here's the deal. dennis, willem, and i are jetting of to the great u.s. of a in 13 days (i just counted), and we still aren't packed yet!

now to some of you that might be ok, normal even. well, for me it's bad news. basically, i hate packing. packing a home? no problem. everything gets chucked in a box and goes with you.

but packing for a trip? whooooooooole other story.

1. everything can't come with you. so decisions have to be made about what makes the cut and gets to see the world with you, and what doesn't. basically, you have to pick favorites, you have to look your clothes right in the.... (threads?) and say "you, i want to make memories with you. and you? maybe next time" (we all know that if it didn't make it in the suitcase this time, it never will). dang you airline restrictions, and over the top fees.

2. the "what ifs" kick in. what if i pack something, but then decided between now and then that i actually want to wear it. what if in the rush of getting everything together i forget to wash and repack it? what if the weather report changes and i end up just have to repack everything anyway. what if i don't pack enough stuff, and we get stuck in the airport like over night or something? what if i pack too much and we don't have enough room to bring back the things that we buy? i could keep going, but i think you get where i'm going with this.

3. ugh, it's just hard.

so now that we got that out of the way, i'll go on to tell you what else is making this whole packing thing way more complicated then it needs to be.

you see, my clothing situation as of late has been kinda sad. this body of mine that grew and gave birth to another human being isn't what it used to be, things are just different ya know? so couple that with the fact that pretty much all of my tops are very stretched out, and warped due to the fact that i wore all my regular tops right up to the end (seriously, i did) picking out an outfit i am comfortable being seen in outside of my house is a struggle.

so i'm supposed to take all that, and choose which ones i'm am going to be stuck with for a week and a half, when i'm not even really happy wearing them for half a day at home. what if i change my mind. what if i think i wanted one shirt, but then decide halfway through my trip that i wanted a different on instead, but it's too late to do anything about it? see, it's those "what ifs" again.

the other thing is, our first stop is utah, we are hoping to take in some conference, stroll the beautiful grounds of temple square, and go to dennis' mission reunion. it should all be a good time. then, we are off to pheonix!

now, pheonix doesn't scare me, i plan to be in a swim suit most of the day, and then shorts and whatever thrown over that swim suit for the rest. so packing for there should be easy peasy.

but utah? are you kidding me. it's going to be an endless sea of maxi skirts, chevron prints, top knot buns, and way too many coloured/printed jeans. at least that's what pinterest and blog surfing has taught me they dress like these days. and we can't forget this thing called pattern mixing, oh heaven help me.

i'm just not cut out for utah. i own one maxi dress, but i reserve that for sundays when i just don't want to shave my legs, i don't understand the appeal of chevron anything, my hair is waaaaaay too short for even a pony tail. and coloured jeans? i can't even wear a blue top with blue jeans without feeling like the universe is judging me.

walking around campus in my byui days i felt like i might as well just slapped on a cleaner pair of pjs, and been on my way compared to them.

these girls mean business. they get themselves ready like they were going to... i dunno... some place reeeeeeeeeeeeally fancy.

life is just one big fashion show.

(you know, utah is the number 1 state for prescribed antidepressants... ya'll just need to chill out down there)

if we were just going down for a visit, seeing the sights, hitting up some outlet malls i wouldn't be worrying about what to wear, i'm basically living each day just to make it one day closer to a warm sunny day by the pool.

but since we are going to a mission reunion i feel like i need to step it up a but, you know like put on makeup or something. we all know that reunions of any kind is just a way for people to get together and compare their lives to everyone else around them. no one will ever say it out loud, but we all know.

so what do you pack when you know you're going to a place where everyone is in competition with each other, yet look exactly the same?

i dunno

but apparently i'm going to have to figure it out before next thursday.

wish me luck.

and dennis, because he is the one that is going to have to deal with me until then.

actually forget me, just give it all to him.

i'll cope.

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