Thursday, August 29, 2013

What the crap did I just watch

does anyone else wonder what happened to tlc?

the tv network

not the girl band

well, i do.

yesterday, i spent the day down at my parents.

while willem was napping, i decided to flip on the tv, and check out what telus has to offer lately. i was scrolling through and came upon tlc

 i thought "perfect!"

i used to loooooove tlc.

saturday mornings growing up cassie would want to watch cartoons, andrew's choice was fishing, but mine was aaaaaaaalways tlc.

sure you had to wait through a few episodes of a baby story, and a makeover story, which was tolerable.

but then!

then came the good stuff

trading spaces!

                    ... oh paige davis...

clean sweep!

moving up!


                  ... my dad would even watch this one with me...

and then to top them all off

what not to wear!

                             ... i very seriously considered dressing like a hobo for as long as i needed to, to get on that show...

now that was good tv

but you know what the line up was yesterday?

crap, mostly

but to be more specific, i wasted 2 hours of my life watching this train wreck of a television show called "cheer perfection" it was aaaaaaawful!

it's about this tweeny bopper age cheerleading team.

actually, that's not right.

it's about their under fulfilled, over bearing, "once upon a time i competed in beauty pageants",  "i live vicariously through my 11 year old daughter", crazy mommas.

it was the most ridiculous thing i have ever watched.

i hated myself for every second i couldn't peel my eyes away from that mess.

now, there are still a few good shows on the network.


cake boss (atleast, i think that's still on..)

say yes to the dress (makes me want to get married all over again every time i watch that show)

um.... yup that's about all i can think of

it honestly breaks my heart to see what has happened to tv, and makes me so happy that dennis and i never really watched it, and now that we have moved, don't even have cable anymore.

when i used to watch the old tlc shows i really felt like i learned something, and even gave me some valuable life skills.

trading spaces taught all the different things that could be done with just a little imagination, paint, and a really good carpenter in your back yard to just whip up what ever the heck you wanted at a moments notice.

they also gave the world ty pennington, who has since moved on to bigger and better things.

and this kind of thinking...

hey, it's called extreme 

clean sweep was probably the most informative of them all. purge, donate, keep.... purge, donate, keep... purge, donate, keep....

very valuable life lesson

and what not to wear? i mean, what couldn't you learn from watching that show.

the others were more entertainment, but still had very good content.

but now our only choices are reality momma dramma messes like what i watched. or shows like toddlers and tiaras. honey bobo something. i saw a commercial for a show called breaking amish? what the what?

i even caught a few minutes of one called extreme cougar wives.

there really are no words.

none whatsoever.

i went home last night feeling sad.

sad that the shows i used to watch and love, just don't seem to exist anymore.

sad that this is what my children are going to be subjected to as they grow up in this world

sad that paige davis isn't apart of my life anymore

sad this is what passes as good tv now.

but mostly sad that sherlock isn't going to be on netflix for like what?

forever pretty much

if you haven't watched sherlock, go on netflix RIGHT NOW and watch it.

if you don't have netflix, just borrow your parents password like we do and GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW

so there is good tv out there

just not on the northern american continent

oh and tlc? you should know that i am never ever watching you again. like ever

(read as if you're taylor swift, it makes it so much better)

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