Thursday, October 3, 2013

aaaaaaaaaaand we're off!

we are currently sitting in our living room waiting for dennis's dad to arrive and ship us off to the airport!

let it be known that we super chocked about this whole "government shutdown", it has totally ruined our plans to visit the grand canyon while in arizona. actually it's the whole reason we decided to make a pit stop in the desert to begin with.

let it also be known that i get huge traveler's anxiety the moments before walking out the door and committing to the things i have packed. so here i am, worrying about everything that can go wrong. dennis is sitting on the other couch on his phone, and suddenly lets out a "CRAP!" i, of course, am freaking out that he got some email like all of america decided to just shut down. i am now in a panic asking what! what! what!?????

and in natural dennis fashion, it takes him a few seconds to register and respond.

and this is what he says...

"one of the teams i picked lost last night"


please, please, please wish us luck

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  1. Good luck cute girl! I bet its going to be a blast! xo