Friday, August 9, 2013

the one thing

i really have been so blessed with willem. he is a complete angel, and a dream of a baby.

but no baby is 100% perfect right?


you see, we have this little issue. it's more of a laundry issue then anything else, but somedays it drives me a little bonkers.

so, spit up.

it's bad

and by bad, i mean a lot.

it's crazy somedays

when people ask how he is as a baby, i say how wonderful he is, and follow up with "but spits up like you wouldn't believe".

and of course i always get the reply of "well all babies do, that's why they wear bibs".

yeah yeah, i know i know, all babies spit up, it's just what they do. blah blah blah.

but seriously, it's to the extreme with my kid.

it's been confirmed to me many times by the many witnesses to his projectile explosions.

and it can't be explained away by the fact that he is formula fed, even when i was breastfeeding he was quite explosive.

so, here are a few things that i have learned when it comes to dealing with an up-chucky baby.

when burping the baby, it is best to relocate yourself, and him, to a floor that is hard, and will not allow for liquids to soak in. this makes it much easier to clean up. and gives you a reason to give the floor a good scrub. 

after the feeding is done, and you think all the burps are out, tummy time is still a bit of a gamble. there is still a large risk of a burp, spit up, and face plant. followed but extensive clean up, it gets in the mouth, up the nose, squished into the eyebrows. and if you're really lucky and miss when it happens, there also might be some rubbing around in it, and then it also finds it's way into the ears. overall, it's a real good time. 

and sometimes, even three hours after he is done eating, if you're really lucky there might be a little surprise left in there yet! "little" is really just a figure of speech in this case. 

so wear durable clothes that can handle being washed over, and over, and over again. 

keep stocked up on laundry detergent.

always have multiple receiving blankets around that now double as burp cloths 
(i like to call them drop cloths)

keep many changes of shirts at the changing table, and never put the one you actually want him to wear on him first, that one always get ruined. 

but mostly, i've learned there's just nothing you can do about it. 

so just love, hold, and sqeeze (but not too hard because that also results in up-chucking) that little guy, and know one day you won't have to change your clothes, and his, multiple times a day. 

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  1. Joey would spit up a bunch too when he was that age. I don't know if it was because he was formula fed, who knows.I used receiving blankets all the time instead of actual "burp cloths" since those are never big enough. I never left home without them. He eventually got better and now the only time he's actually spit up has been when he's been actually sick. Hope it gets better soon :)