Thursday, August 23, 2012

i am learning

while dennis is away on another one of his field school trips (last ever!), i thought i had this whole being alone for weeks at a time thing down pat, but it turns out i don't. so over these past few days i have had time to discover a few things about myself that i didn't realize before, like...

... i am not good at cooking for just one person

... i have developed a bad habit of not looking at the gas gage, and filling up when it gets too low (dennis just always takes care of that). i was introduced to our gas light yesterday after work, oh ya, that was a fun ride, considering i had no idea how long it had been on for.

... it is not a good idea to ONLY eat a bowl of cucumbers and vinegar on an empty and overly sensitive stomach (this doesn't really have to do with den being gone, but still a good learning experience).

... i can't sleep more then two hours at a time without waking up wondering why i just face planted into the side table (there isn't another body there to stop me from moving over that far).

... everything i need around the house is always out of my arms reach (why do we put everything up high?)

... i suck at getting out of bed on my own, even though i really should have seen that one coming, because he has to hover over me almost every morning and tell me that i need to get up, now.

and lastly

... i'm not quite as independent as i used to be. because with him gone i feel like he took the part of me that i need to be a normal functioning human being.

here's to only one more week of walking around in a lonely daze.

oh and wish me luck with doing everyday normal things that keep me alive, like filling up the car with gas...

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