Monday, September 17, 2012

when we went to NYC!

i truly believe that there are a few select places in this world that everyone should experience at least one in their life, new york, for me was one of those places. anyone who has been there can attest to the energy (besides the outrageous humidity) that surrounds you right from the moment you step off the plane, and the feeling that this is someplace unique from anywhere else in the world.

we have all seen pictures, or caught glimpses of the city from the movies or t.v., but to stand on the sidewalk looking up at the unspeakably tall buildings, see the rush of people around you, hear the constant car horns honking at who really knows what, purchase some of the most delicious fruit off the street, and eat authentic new york pizza (seriously, my mouth is watering at the memory) is a whole different story.

i was just the luckiest girl in the whole world that week to travel with my hubby, who served his mission there, so it's like i had my very own tour guide! it really is just the best way to travel. with him navigating our way through the mind boggling transit system, and the busy streets i got to sit back and just enjoy everything around me. oh, and that time i just about got punched because of two guys fighting on the train was awesome too.

and what would be a trip to nyc without stopping in the bronx for dinner? yep, you better believe dennis took me walking through the bronx. after that i can honestly say...

1. i have never felt more white in my entire life


2. forest lawn? i will never be scared of that side of town again.

everyone has asked me what my favorite part of the trip was, and i have thought about this a lot, because seriously, how can you really pick just one thing? but after much deliberation i have come up with the answer

looking enough like an authentic new yorker that we were stopped by other people asking directions, what area of town we were in, and even what train will take them where.

i mean come on, how awesome is that? for those days i was't a tourist experiencing this amazing city for the first time. i was just someone who found myself someplace amazing, feeling right at home, and the rest of the world saw it.

the only down fall of that is, i was so busy pretending this was just my everyday life, and i always duck out in front of cars to get to the other side when the little pedestrian man is clearly telling me not to, that i didn't get near enough photos to help make the memories last.

i guess that just means i will have to go back, right?

how cute right?

i was especially exited to meet star of night at the museum's, rexy!

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