Wednesday, August 1, 2012

today i looked in my rearview mirror and swore i saw prince william behind me

but then i saw that the chick in the passenger seat was a blonde, and last time i checked, katey m wasn't a blonde. so it obviously wasn't him.


i am technically able to park in the "expecting mothers" spot in parking lots now, which, i think is pretty nifty. but today i chose to leave it for someone who, you know, actually looks pregnant, and i parked three stalls down. i go into the store, grabbed a few groceries (oh perogies!) and as i'm walking out, who parks in said stall! some grey haired old bitty in a car older then me!

there are multiple reasons why this is wrong

1. i'm pretty sure she is waaaaaaaaaay past her expiration date, if you know what i mean. nothing expecting there, other then one giant car crash, you should have seen the way she flew into that spot!

2. SHE WAS RIGHT BESIDE THE HANDICAP PARKING STALL!!!! why are those things even there if these people won't park in them.

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